The Embodiment of Japanese Cleanliness & Simplicity

Spend Less Time Vacuuming with 'iT'

Introducing “iT,” a revolutionary vacuum cleaner born in Japan, where people are keen on cleaning. It’s packed with unique functionality in a minimalistic design.

Three Benefits of the “iT” Vacuum Cleaner

1. Slim Design & Lightweight

Simple but beautiful design that reminds you of the minimalistic philosophy of Zen. “iT” is cordless and so easy to handle with one hand and walk around without dealing with a long cord. So this makes vacuuming stairs or inside of a car so much easier.

2. Powerful Swivel Nozzle Can Clean Any Corner and Pick Up Any Dust

With a twist of the wrist, the tip of the stick turns and changes into a nozzle about 5 cm long. This makes it easy to get into those narrow spaces between furniture, eliminating the need to move heavy furniture around. Along the wall, the front cover opens wide so a powerful brush can reach to the very edge and sweep accumulated dust from the corners. The powerful nozzle can rotate as you like to capture all the dust and clean floors thoroughly.

3. High Efficiency yet Saves Energy

This is an essential feature for places where hygiene is important and for families with children or people who are sensitive to dust. “iT” automatically adjusts its vacuuming strength to save power, so there is no waste in electrical consumption.

So light and handy, “iT” Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-BJ870 will change your feeling about cleaning, making you want to bring “iT” out to clean as often as you like. “iT” will not just reduce the time you spend vacuuming, but it may even make it fun to clean. As a result, you can enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable living environment.