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Japan Mode Beauty Lessons

Japan Mode Beauty Lessons

The Special Content for TV Program "JAPAN MODE"

A collection of video lessons with Japan's top beauticians offering tips on the latest techniques.

"Base makeup method -- One tone up with goggles zone"

By patting the center of your face and blending it in along the outline, it brings three-dimensional appearance and translucent look!
Presenting as the start, the thought-out base makeup method from Japan - the greatest difference between Japanese makeup and makeup from other Asian countries.

"Triple effect eye makeup"

Eye makeup is completed with 3 points -- eyeliner, eyelashes, and finishing color.

Eye makeup will come up short by missing any one of these points. By carefully designing the edges of the eyes with these points, you can create natural and beautiful eye makeup. Even more, you can enjoy choosing the shade colors to match your outfit.

"Cute makeup with blush and highlighters"

You can create a cute look by adding brightness under your eyes and across the cheekbones, which brings out the three-dimensional appearance and translucent look. Don't miss out on how to easily apply and sweep the blush shades!

"How to make an upsweep hairstyle"

This Beauty Lesson is about easy hairstyle technique, quickly showing you the tips to create an upsweep hairstyle.
With an upsweep hairstyle, the face line looks beautiful, and by making the hair bundle behind your ear, not only the impression from the front looks fine, but it also creates a sharp profile.

"How to make hairstyle with inward curls"

This Beauty Lesson is about easy tips to make hairstyle with inward curls.
Inward curls gives a mature look and makes the face line look beautiful.
The point is to take large bundles of hair instead of taking small bundles, for an impressive, beautiful finish.

"How to make a doll look hairstyle"

This Beauty Lesson is about easy tips to make doll look hairstyle with curly hair.
The doll like lovely impression can be created by making the impression around the face line look sharp, and also by adding hair volume on back of the head with an easy hair arrangement.

"Long-wearing base makeup technique"

This week's lesson is about techniques for base makeup!
There are useful tips for long-wearing base makeup that lasts even in humid conditions.
Also, the easiness to retouch the base makeup is it's point.
Let's master the basic part of makeup.

"How to wear natural-looking red lip color"

This week's lesson is about how to put on red lip color in a natural-looking way.
Also, there are lessons about eye makeup to go along with it.
By using this week's techniques, it brings out the red lip color and transforms your lips.
Though the red lip color may give the impression that it's a bit too fancy, but the red tint will help create the face color look even more beautiful.
Let's try it out!

"How to draw "double eye lines""

This week's lesson is about how to draw "double eye lines"!
By drawing two eye lines, it will define your eyes beautifully.
Eyes that stand out will bring out the charm in every ladies.
Let's try the techniques that helps you to easily create the feminine eyes.

"Oral care: Brushing and mouth exercises"

This lesson is about brushing teeth with Pocket Doltz Toothbrush and simple mouth exercises.
Brush your teeth every morning and night, and also after meals.
Beautiful mouth is the basis of beauty!

"Easy tips for nail care and glitter gradient techniques"

This lesson is about easy tips for nail care and glitter gradient art.
Regular care is a must for achieving beautiful nails.
By taking care of the cuticles around the nails, it gives the nail a beautiful look and allows the manicure to last longer.
With the simple technique, try and enjoy the glitter gradient art!

"Easy body treatment"

This week's lesson is about easy body treatment techniques that you can do at home.
The lesson shows simple stretches that work for flabby upper arm and methods to take care of
rough spots on the elbows, knees, and ankles.
Try them out!

"Simple eye care treatment"

This week's lesson is about simple eye care treatment techniques.
This area of the body has the most delicate skin so it is important to take off any remaining eye makeup before the treatment.
Find out some easy tips for an efficient eye care!