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EzyClean Bidet DL-AB10P-VN

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Hygienic & Comfortable
Cleaning with Soft Closing

Enjoy cleaner washing with adjustable water pressure control, Ag+ Antibacterial seats and a built-in water filter for better hygiene and comfort in the bathroom.
  • Ag+
EzyClean Bidet DL-AB10P-VN
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Enhanced Cleanliness for the Entire Family

Enhanced Cleanliness for the Entire Family
A great addition to families that makes toilet visits easier and simpler, making it ideal for those with limited mobility, such as senior citizens, people with disabilities even children.

Cleaner & Safer Toilet Experience

1 Ag+ Antibacterial Seat

Ag+ (Silver) ions have strong anti-bacteria properties up to 99%* on the surface of the seat, keeping you and your family safe.
*In compliance with Japan SIAA anti-bacteria standard.
Ag+ Antibacterial Seat

2 Ag+ Antibacterial Auto Self-cleaning Nozzles

Nozzle tips are coated with Ag+ Antibacterial material to maximise hygiene. The self-cleaning nozzles are automatically washed before and after every use.
Ag+ Antibacterial Auto Self-cleaning Nozzles

3 Ag+ Antibacterial Control Knobs

The frequently touched control knobs are coated with Ag+ Antibacterial material to prevent bacteria growth.
Ag+ Antibacterial Control Knobs

Comfortable Cleaning For All

Comfortable Cleaning For All
The 3D curve seat is ergonomically designed to be slightly tilted inwards to provide a comfortable wrapping effect to the user's thigh that offers better weight distribution to reduce fatigue caused by long periods of sittings on the toilet seat.

Comfortable Cleaning Modes

1 Water Pressure Control

Comfortable cleaning with adjustable water pressure based on individual preference.
Water Pressure Control

2 Twin Nozzle Design

Easily switch between rear wash or front wash cleaning for different needs.
• Feminine Use (5 nozzle holes) - Soft water spray for gentle cleaning.
• Family Use (Single nozzle hole) - Stronger water flow for effective cleaning.
Twin Nozzle Design

Better Personal & Bathroom Hygiene

Better Personal & Bathroom Hygiene
Suitable for senior citizens, children, pregnant women and people with disabilities to provide them convenient and hygienic daily toilet visits.

Effortless & User-friendly

Easy to Operate

The simple icons design featured on the control panel can be understood and operated easily by users.
Easy to Operate

Dry & Clean Bathroom

With a built-in bidet, bathroom floors are less likely to become wet. A dry and clean bathroom can improve family members' overall safety by reducing the risk of falling.
Dry & Clean Bathroom

Hassle-free Cleaning

Minimises the need for people with limited mobility such as senior citizens, pregnant women and people with disabilities to reach the water hose for cleaning.
Hassle-free Cleaning

Fits Most Bathrooms

Fits Most Bathrooms
Compatible with most toilets and easy to install. Helps to improve hygiene and transform your toilet into a safer and more comfortable space.
*The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

Easy Installation

It is easy to install Panasonic’s bidet as it is compatible with most toilet shapes and requires no complicated tools or drilling.
Easy Installation


Photo of EzyClean Bidet DL-AB10P-VN

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • Anti-Bacterial SeatAnti-Bacterial Seat
  • Self-Cleaning NozzleSelf-Cleaning Nozzle
  • Feminine WashFeminine Wash
  • Family WashFamily Wash
  • Water Pressure ControlWater Pressure Control

99%* Ag+ Antibacterial seat & control knobs

Hygienic twin nozzles design with auto self-cleaning function

Ergonomic 3D curve seat

Comfortable cleaning modes

Easy installation & fits most bathrooms


  • Retractable & Self Cleaning Nozzle

    • 2
  • Spray selection

    • Family
      • 1 hole (straight flow)
    • Feminite
      • 5 holes (soft spray)
  • Self-Cleaning

  • Removable Nozzle Tip

  • Retractable

Water Volume Controller

  • Water Control

    • Mechanical
  • Water Flow Rate

    • Up to 2.0 l/Minute
  • Operational Water Pressure kPa

    • 30 - 735

Features & Accessories

  • lid Cover

    • Detachable
    • Split Close
      • No
  • Toilet Seat

    • Detachable
    • Split Close
      • No
    • Accommodate Toilet Bowl Size mm
      • • {330- 360}
  • Λg˚ Crystal Anti-Bacterial

    • Nozzle Tips, Toilet Seat, Controlling Knob
  • Water Filter Unit

    • No
  • Water Junction Connector

    • No
  • Flexible Hose Length mm

    • 1,200

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