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2.0 L Large-Capacity Juicer MJ-CB100 for Fresh, Smooth Juicing

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Multi-Functional Juicer for All Your Dietary Needs

Whether to make your favorite drinks or prepare your ingredients, this multi-functional juicer includes blender and mill attachments to make smoothies, coffees or even grind up spices.
  • healthy EVERYDAY
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One Machine to Use in Various Ways

The single appliance packs three features into one machine. This includes extracting pulp-free juice, blending smoothies, and even grinding. The juicer comes with interchangeable blender jar and mill attachments, which are handy for prepping meals.
One Machine to Use in Various Ways

Large Capacity to Make More Juice in One Go

The large 2-litre pulp container capacity makes it possible to juice up to 10 apples or numerous other fruits and vegetables all at once. This saves you both time and effort.
*Based on internal test results.
Large Capacity to Make More Juice in One Go

Maximum Juice Extraction Using a Powerful Cutter

The unique cutter finely chops even hard fruit cores to fully extract not only every ounce of juice but also all of the natural nutrients. The filter mesh separates out the pulp to make a fruit juice so smooth it’s easy for even children to drink.
Maximum Juice Extraction Using a Powerful Cutter

Two-Speed Control to Suit Different Ingredients

Speed 1: Soft ingredients including watermelon and orange.
Speed 2: Hard ingredients including apple and carrot.
Two-Speed Control to Suit Different Ingredients

User-Friendly Design

Stylish & Minimalist Design

The design maintains a neat appearance and blends in well with all kitchen interiors. The clear container lets you see the juicing process easily.
Stylish & Minimalist Design

Easier Cleaning

Most of the juicer parts are dishwasher safe. This makes everything easy to clean all at once, saving you time and effort.
*See the operating instructions for details.
Easier Cleaning

Safe Design

1 Securely Lock with a Lever

A lever safely locks the cover to the container. This prevents the cover from coming off and pulp from flying out of the container during use.
Securely Lock with a Lever

2 Overload and Overheating Protection

A protection device stops operation if inappropriate ingredients or excess portions overload the motor, or if the motor gets hot.
*Max. locked motor wattage: 1,000 W
Overload and Overheating Protection

3 Drip Stop

Simply lift the spout to stop any juice from dripping after use.
Drip Stop


Photo of 2.0 L Large-Capacity Juicer MJ-CB100 for Fresh, Smooth Juicing

Size and Weight


2.0 L Large Capacity

Precise and Durable Full Metal Spinner

Two-Speed Control

Max. Locked Motor Wattage: 1,000 W

Large Feeding Tube: Max. 75-mm Diameter

Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Basic spec

  • Power supply

    • 220-240V・50-60Hz
  • Power consumption

    • 270-320W
  • Motor protection

    • TCO
  • Max. Motor Locked Wattage

    • 1,000W
  • Safety standard

    • IEC
  • EMC

    • Yes
  • Cord

    • Length
      • 0.95m
    • Clamp to fix the cord in position
      • Yes

Main unit

  • Pulp container

    • Capacity
      • 2.0L
  • Juice container

    • Capacity
      • Yes (Plastic 1.5L)
  • Spinner

    • Frame material
      • Metal
    • Base material
      • Metal
  • Switch

    • Shape
      • Rotally
    • Material
      • Plastic
    • Speed setting
      • off/1/2
  • Spout

    • Anti-drip system
      • Yes
  • Body

    • Colour
      • Silver
    • Material
      • Metal
  • Attachment

    • Blender max capacity
      • Yes (Glass 1.35L)
    • Blender working capacity
      • Yes (Glass 1.0L)
    • Wet & Dry mill
      • Yes (Glass/Dry & Wet Mill) 50g
    • Brush
      • Yes
  • Dishwasher safe

    • Yes

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