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Electric Oven NB-H3203KRA

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Delicious and Easy Cooking at Home!

This compact in size electric oven comes with Double Heater Grill and Convection function, lets you cook your food easily, in the comfort of your home.
Electric oven comes with Double Heater Grill and Convection function that let  you cook your food easily, in the comfort of your home
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Double Heater Grill & Convection

The high power heaters for grilling are mounted on both at the upper and lower area inside the oven. The temperatures can be adjusted separately so that the food becomes crispy brown and juicy. Convection function disperses hot air through a fan so that food will cooked thoroughly, making an even and delicious baking possible.
Double Heater Grill & Convection

Wide Range of Temperature Setting

From a low of 70°C to a high of 230°C, you can adjust the temperature to cook a wide variety of dishes.
Wide Range of Temperature Setting

Thoroughly Roasts Meat

The oven comes with a rotisserie function which can roast blocks of meat well and thoroughly while slowly rotating it 360°. Thanks to the low rotation speed, the outside of meat is beautifully browned and the inside is juicy.
Now you can enjoy a whole chicken, which is usually difficult to prepare, cooked evenly.
Thoroughly Roasts Meat

Exclusive Kit for Easy Rotisserie

Exclusive accessories feature a rotisserie spit for grilling and an extraction bracket for easy handling. Skewering and putting the meat in the oven is all you need to do to enjoy a savoury roasted chicken. Large pieces of meat can be heated thoroughly and evenly.
Exclusive Kit for Easy Rotisserie

Large Capacity Yet Compact in Size

Cook large dishes without hassle. You can bake a chiffon cake in 20 cm pan or grill 20 cm wide pizza with a large oven interior. Compact exterior design saves space while maximizing usability.
Large Capacity Yet Compact in Size

User-friendly Design

The stylish and easy-to-grip long handle makes opening and closing easier. The door can be safely controlled to open in stages and not forcefully at once. The big opening also makes it easy to take out large items.
The bottom crumb tray is removable for easy cleaning.
User-friendly Design

Simple Operation

LED lighting lets you check items while they are cooking.
The large dial and easy-to-see indications enable intuitive operation by anyone.
Simple Operation

Durable & Safe Design

The Double Layered Insulated Glass is durable and reduces temperature fluctuation for ideal results.
And for extra safety, Heat-resistant Handle with a heater cover beneath the door handle prevents you from directly touching the hot surface after cooking.
Durable & Safe Design


Photo of Electric Oven NB-H3203KRA

Size and Weight


32L big capacity

1500W power consumption

120-minute timer and stay on function

Convection function

Upper and lower tube temperature setting

Fermentation and rotary


  • NB-H3203KRA


  • 32L


  • 220 V/ 50 Hz

Power Consumption

  • 1500W

Temperature Setting

  • 70-230°C

Cooking Function

  • 6 functions
    (Lower heater/Upper heater/ Lower & Upper heater/ Convection/ Rotary/ Fermentation)


  • 120 minutes/ stay on

Net Weight (approx.)

  • 9.7 kg

Power Cord Length

  • 1.0 m


  • External Dimension (W×D×H)

    • 527 mm×392 mm×343 mm
  • Inner Chamber (W×D×H)

    • 380 mm×300 mm×295 mm
  • Enamel Baking Tray (W×D×H)

    • 347 mm×254 mm×20 mm


  • Enamel baking tray
    Cooking rack
    Baking tray holder
    Rotisserie spit
    Extraction bracket
    Crumb tray

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