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5.0L Slow Cooker NF-N51AWRA

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Healthy & Tender Flavours with Automated & Minimal Cooking Supervision

All-day cooking is made convenient. With automated cooking, just turn on and leave ingredients to cook safely for up to 8 hours with minimal supervision.
3.0L Slow Cooker NF-N51AWRA to keep healthy & tender flavours
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Slow-Cooked Dishes Are Efficiently Prepared

Stew dishes without the hassle of manual heat control and constant monitoring with the slow cooker. With stable, gentle and even heating, spillage is minimized, allowing safe cooking for up to 8 hours with minimal supervision.
Slow-Cooked Dishes Are Efficiently Prepared

Maximises Flavour and Nutrition

Slow cooking over time allows the flavours to soak in. Gradual heating at low temperature minimises the loss of nutrients and slowly brings out the flavour of the ingredients. This enables the preparation of delicious, tender and flavoursome stews.
Maximises Flavour and Nutrition

3 Heat Settings, Various Recipes

Cook a variety of healthy recipes, including soups, stews and desserts with 3 simple pre-sets - Low, High and Auto. Adjust the cooking time and the setting accordingly for optimum cooking result.
Low: For stewing & keep warm
High: For cooking & boiling
Auto: For gentle cooking throughout the day or over the night
3 Heat Settings, Various Recipes

Even Heat Distribution

The side heater design ensures that the food is evenly cooked. The pot is made of thick, durable ceramic with excellent heat resistance and is non-stick. Specialised design for heat retention ensures stable heating during cooking.
Even Heat Distribution

Easy to Clean

Glass Lid with Protective Silicone Rubber

The heat-resistant glass lid resists stain and is easy to wash. The protective silicone rubber prevents direct contact with the hot glass surface.
Glass Lid with Protective Silicone Rubber

Removable Ceramic Pot

The smooth surface of the ceramic pot is non-stick, so food comes off easily.
*The pot and heat-resistant glass lid are dishwasher-safe.
Removable Ceramic Pot

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Photo of 5.0L Slow Cooker NF-N51AWRA

Size and Weight


3 Heat Settings: Low: 173 W / High: 345 W / Auto: 173–345 W

Even Heat Distribution

High Quality Ceramic Pot

Heat-Resistant Glass Lid

Cooking Capacity: 5.0L

Basic spec

  • Power Supply

    • 220-240V・50-60Hz
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)

    • 314×276×275mm
  • Weight (kg)

    • 4.4kg

Main Body

  • Body

    • Color
      • White
  • Inner Pan

    • Color
      • Beige
    • Pot Capacity (±5%)
      • 5.0L
    • Cooking Capacity
      • 4.5L
  • Control Panel

    • Color
      • White
    • Device
      • Dial
    • Device Color
      • White
    • Mode
      • Off-Low-High-Auto

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