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Kids love the environment festival toward earth hour


Hanoi, 23 March 2013, at Khuong Thuong Elementary school, Hanoi, in respond to the Earth Hour 2013, Center for Environment Training and Communication (Vietnam Environment Administration) in cooperation with Panasonic Vietnam, Live and Learn for Environment and Society Center and 350 Vietnam Club (directly under the Foreign Trade University Youth Union) to organize the “Kids love the environment festival – In respond to Earth Hour 2013” and the Summarize ceremony of Adopt A Tree 2 project to promulgate and stimulate environmental protection activities for students, youth and community. Participated in the program was representatives of Vietnam Environment Administration, Panasonic Vietnam, Live and Learning for Environment and Society Center, media and over 1000 youth and elementary students in Hanoi.

Students were interested in the opening ceremony of the event

With the support and assistant of Principal board of schools in Hanoi, nearly 500 elementary students have joined in various activities such as: Eco learning class, recycling workshop, handmade dry battery workshop which were organized by Panasonic Vietnam, especially Panasonic Risupia Vietnam. Moreover, students also take a tour in environmental protection propaganda painting exhibition with 400 pictures of students in Adopt A Tree 2 project, watched environmental protecting video clip produced by secondary school students in Panasonic Kid Witness News program, discovered and answered questions on environment, art performance exchange, flash mob dance with youth and volunteers of 350 Vietnam.

Panasonic booth attracted many students

Sharing the meaning of “Children love the environment festival” program, Mr. Tran Phong – Director of Environmental education and communication center – General Department of Center for Environment Training and Communication said “Our life is developing to be more modern, the mental and physical life of people are improving, however, environmental pollution, ecology attenuation, climate change… Protecting the environment more than ever become an urgent mission of the society. Therefore, protect environment should start by educating environmental protection awareness, especially for children, students. From simple activities such as planting and taking care of trees; cleaning school; turning off unnecessary electric device; not wasting foods, water… or organize forum about environment for students to deliberately participate; encourage students to have creative ideas such as recycling trashes… from which develop the environmental culture for students right from their childhood”.

Battery workshop of Panasonic Vietnam at the event

The program is designed with fresh, friendly space for students to discover environmental issues through visual, interesting, educational experience. This event created opportunity for students to exchange ideas about “Green living style” and response to the Earth Hour 2013 in Vietnam.

Panasonic Eco learning lectures at the event

The “Kids love environment festival” program is one of many practical activities in the Adopt A Tree 2 project, launched by 350 Vietnam club with support of Center for Environment Training and Communication (Vietnam Environment Administration), Panasonic Vietnam, Live and Learn for Environment and Society Center to help youth and students contribute more to environmental activities and toward a green, healthy life in the future. Until now, the project have attracted over 800 youths and students in Hanoi.