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Panasonic Vietnam nurturing the creativeness and environmental protection awareness of the young generation

Hanoi, 25th August 2013, Panasonic Vietnam organized the Panasonic Eco Picture Diary Contest Award Ceremony for students at Panasonic Risupia Centre with the attendance of representatives from Ministry of Education and Training, Hanoi Department of Education and Training, Embassy of Japan in Vietnam and schools in Hanoi city. The Eco Picture Diary contest is organized annually by Panasonic to encourage students expressing their ideas and actions to protect the environment together with the community through drawing pictures.

This year, the contest was launched from May to August with participation of 530 students. Diaries this year focus on practical solutions such as organizing “green journey” with friends, using public and green transportation, planting trees, saving electricity and water at home, public area; re-use materials. Beside traditional materials such as crayon, color pen, many diaries this year use water color and especially, some diaries become a living theatre with 3D pictures, pop art that allow viewers to operate movement of characters in the picture. These inventions have proved creativeness of young generation and their passion in practical activities that are of interest by the whole society.

Overcome 530 participants, Ngo Hai Anh has won the first prize of the contest by a highly interactive, diverse and emotional diary. From which, audience can share the enthusiasm in environmental activities, feel the pain and worries when she witnesses the disappearance of animal, not only in the wild but also in the zoo. We also surprise with unlimited imagination and creative of Hai Anh, when she use countless material, harmonize in 5 pages of the diary, from crayon, clay, cotton, paper to stuffed items.

Mr. Naoki Sugiura – Director of Corporate Planning and Brand Promotion of Panasonic Vietnam said: “We always want Vietnamese children to have chances to express and develop their ideas on Environment - issue that is not only concerned by adults. With the Panasonic Eco Picture Diary contest, we are happy to help students develop their writing, drawing as well as expressing their thoughts and view points on those issues. From which, Panasonic hopes to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam”