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Vietnam team achieved “Creative Concept Award” at Kids Witness News Asia Pacific Award Ceremony

25 February 2014, Singapore – Documentary film explores how a rural pig farming village in Thailand introduced environmentally friendly farming practices brought the highest prize to Thailand team in the Panasonic Kids Witness News (KWN) Regional Asia Pacific Contest 2013.

KWN is a long running hands-on video education programme established by Panasonic in the United States in 1989; where the international and regional categories were created in 2004 subsequently. Competing in Asia Pacific region are 6 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Vietnam team from M.V Lomonosov school was awarded the Creative Concept Award with “The most important thing” – a real story in all families where parents are distracted by favorite TV program and leave water running. Under humorous lens, the KWN team wants to send the message: “Save water, secure the future”.

After the ceremony, KWN participants put their filmmaking skills to a good cause through a visit to Parkway Cancer Centre at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore. Drawing inspiration from their interactions with staff and patients, they came up with an encouragement video for cancer patients as part of the centre’s “I am a Cancer Warrior” campaign.

In the second day, students from different countries are teamed up to join the “amazing cultural race” to explore Singapore. A great opportunity for students to explore the city, exchange culture and open their mind. Participating in KWN program, students “not only gain more skills and knowledge, but also gain more awareness about the world around them, both in their society and beyond geographical boundaries”, said Mr. Joe Tsuchiya, Director of the Brand Management Group, Panasonic Asia Pacific.

Aiming to provide an opportunity for children to express “The world through their eyes”, KWN witnessed significant change in concern and view point of students every year. In submitted video this year, family issue replaced social communication to become main focus of students. Conflict between parents, busy life and electronic devices create distance between dearest people are major issue in children’s eyes.

Other winners in the different categories are: Malaysia for “Best Editing”, Singapore for “Best Young Achievers”, Indonesia for “Best Music” and New Zealand for “Best Sound”.