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“Any mix, any volume”, Panasonic Automation Manufacturing Technology in the spot light of Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2014

Panasonic Factory Automation Group (FAG) has presented its most advanced Auto-Insertion Technology and Surface Mounting Technology with SPG, NPM-W series and PanaCIM system, in the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2014

From August 27 to 29, the "Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2014" was held at Hanoi International Center for Exhibition and attracted over 10,000 visitors. This is the largest show of manufacturing, components & subcontracting in Vietnam.

Located right in front of the main entrance, FAG’s booth attracted the first strong impression to visitors with real, fully functional machine and the slogan “any mix, any volume”. Although it was the 4th times FAG demonstrates its machines to public, Panasonic machines were still being surrounded by large group of visitors.

From the demonstration conducted by experts from FAG Singapore and Vietnam, potential clients have discovered the highlighted advantage: “Any mix, any volume” which allow them to mix a wide variety of machine layouts and a wide range of option to maximize product efficiency.

In addition, the PanaCIM is a production support and control system, which will create a completed eco-system for the PCB Assembly factory, from which, workers and managers can easily check the condition of machines, feeders or material. Also, PanaCIM enables the process of production models changeover as well as issuing report become automatic. The total solution pack includes 11 module functions will boost efficiency of manufacturing line to higher level.

Started operating in Vietnam from 2007, FAG aims to continue providing high quality manufacturing machines, together with excellent service to create complete factory solutions for customers.

Field service parts warehouses in Hanoi and HCM together with global station network and skillful technical experts enabled Panasonic FAG team to response immediately to any request of customers and ready to solve problem at customer’s factory within 24h. After 7 years of operation, 520 machines provided by FAG have satisfied 46 customers in Vietnam, including famous brand such as Canon, Intel, etc.