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Panasonic unveils new product lineup for a Premium Lifestyle in Vietnam

Ms. Minh Nhat shares her passion on cooking, especially in a distinctive space equipped with Panasonic kitchenware

On stage of Panasonic October Dealer Convention, the revelation of latest Washing Machines and Refrigerators products along with the surprising appearance of Nhat Minh – MasterChef Vietnam Winner season 2 - brought about a state of excitement among audience.

Panasonic Dealer Convention opened on 15 October 2015 at the JW Marriott Hotel introduces full array of Panasonic "Made in Japan" and "Japan Quality" refrigerators, washers and other household applications along with the new display concept which offer a combination of both functional and emotional value to satisfy customer demands.

Answering in the press conference, Mr. Eiji Fukumori states Panasonic commitment in Vietnam Market and also discloses the remarkable 130% increase in revenue of Panasonic Vietnam this quarter.

“This October’s Convention aims to express our commitment to develop Panasonic’s appliances business in Vietnam as one of our strategic markets. With the combination of innovative technology, inspirational design and distinctive space, we aspire to bring premium lifestyles to consumers in Vietnam,” Mr. Eiji Fukumori, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam said.

In Panasonic Demo Corner
, visitors could experience the full array of washing machines and refrigerators firsthand with actual operation demonstrated.

For example, all-new soft-freezing refrigeration technology Prime Fresh is introduced in seventeen new models amongst which ten are Glass Door models. With a real food sample, the Prime Fresh technology proved the ability to help food retain nutrients and freshness as well as its delicious flavor and texture.

The inside texture of real chicken sample stored in the Prime Fresh box of Refrigerator is presented to visitors

Also highlighted in the display, in less than three minutes, Panasonic Washing machines with advanced Foam Wash technology could successfully remove stains in less than three minutes. In addition to the Gentle Hand Wash function which allows delicate and dry cleaning wash mode, the new models also attain 20% energy reduction and 9% noise reduction.

An experiment with two kinds of foam created by Panasonic’s and another washing machine

Gentle Hand Wash mode clean and preserve the delicate silk cloth sample

“My family has been a loyal customers of Panasonic for generations. However, I’m still fascinated with the continuous development of the advanced technology introduced today” – Ms. Nguyen Le Huong commented after taking part in the experiment using Panasonic washing machines.

Beauty product lines attract many women to the shop corner

Panasonic 4K Television features exceptionally natural colour rendition.

In Panasonic Shop Corner, a variety of Panasonic products are presented using the new display concept “Fun of the quality from shop front” in the Shop Corner which conveys the Joy of Technology, Design, and Life You Can Encounter at shop front. The new concept maximizes the appeal of products and the joyous shopping experience to give strong impact on consumer viewpoints.

Panasonic Shop Corner