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Kids school – Panasonic Vietnam

Panasonic Kids School

Kids school is the collective name for children-oriented programs implemented by the Panasonic Group throughout the world to support the dreams and potential of children, who are the key to the future of the Earth.

In Vietnam, through initiatives such as Eco Learning Program & UNESCO World Heritage Eco Learning Program, Eco Picture Diary Contest, Kid Witness News and Rope Jump. Panasonic Vietnam continue to nurturing the future generation to grow up healthy, eco friendly and be capable of fully displaying their inherent abilities and potential

I. Panasonic Eco Learning Program & UNESCO World Heritage Eco Learning Program

Panasonic Eco Learning Program (ELP) started in 2009 to provide interactive class and hand-on experiences about global warming, biodiversity and more to lead future actions by the younger generation.

In 2012 only, there were 3131 students attended these inspiring classes in Risupia Vietnam Center and at 35 elementary and secondary schools in Hanoi.

Beside Eco Learning class, Panasonic in cooperation with UNESCO Office Hanoi to organize the World Heritage Eco Learning program for students to learn about impact of global climate change on world heritage nearby their living place. In 2012, 400 students in Hanoi has joined in the program at Thang Long Royal Citadel and on June 2013, over 130 students from Hanoi and Quang Nam province participated in the program at My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An ancient Town.

ELP has now expanded to many countries and regions worldwide. About 19,000 students have participated in Asia Pacific including India, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Globally 200,000 students have participated. This program is part of Panasonic’s corporate citizenship responsibility on eco education in line with the global vision to be the No 1 Eco Innovation Company in the Electrical & Electronics industry by 2018 and target to provide environmental education for two million children by 2018, the 100th anniversary of the company's founding.

II. Panasonic Eco Picture Diary Contest

The Panasonic Eco Picture Diary Contest has been launched by Panasonic Corporation in 2009. In 2011, the Contest has received enthusiastic participation of over 130,000 students from 37 countries in the world. The Contest was officially organized in Vietnam in 2011 to appeal for environmental protection awareness, pro mote students’ ability of writing and drawing creatively

about environment.

Each participant will write 5 days diary about their ideas, though, lessons or activities to protect the environment then illustrate by hand draw, sticking pictures or any other creative way that they can imagine.

In 2012, there are 460 diaries submitted and the first prize winner, Nguyen Quynh Tram – Marie Curie school, has represented Vietnam in the Global Award Ceremony in Kyoto, Japan.

III. Kid Witness News

KWN (Kid Witness News) is a global video education program organized by Panasonic Corporation, with the aim of boosting creativity and communication skills and fostering teamwork through video production by children at the elementary and junior high school levels. As of April 2010, 24 countries and region with 630 schools around the world have participated in the KWN program since it first began in the U.S. in 1989.

The “Kid Witness News” has been implemented in Vietnam since 2006 with the participation of many secondary schools. In 2012, the movie “One New Message” of Hanoi Amsterdam team was awarded the Best Script prize in the Asia Pacific Regional Award Ceremony in Vietnam.

Panasonic lends video production equipment out to schools for student video productions. Videos created by the students are submitted to an annual awards contest, with prizes awarded in over ten different categories, including news, documentaries, dramas, etc.

IV. Rope Jump

Panasonic Rope Jump activity for students from 6 to 12 was launched in 2009 by Panasonic Corporation and extended in many countries in the world including Vietnam. The competition was held in Vietnam for the first time in 2011 with 7 Elementary Schools in Hanoi.

The contest requires the participation of teams which have 13 to 20 members with 2 students standing to spin the rope while the remaining participating members engage in jumping rope. The members take turn jumping rope, and support each other to ensure that there are at least 10 members in the rope. The team with the highest total points within 3 minutes will be declared the winner

Rope Jump is not only a world wide playground to improve the students’ health, show their ability, promote the solidarity, but also being a forum where the students are able to make friend and share their feeling to each other. Through the competition, Panasonic hopes to bring an entertainment sport playground for the students besides serious study hours.

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