Panasonic Risupia Vietnam

Monthly Activities

Enjoy Films – Discover Science

• Weekend Activities for Kids
Time: 9:30-10:30 & 15:30-16:30 Saturdays and Sundays
Quantity: 30 kids/shift
Age: 5-8 y.o & 9-13 y.o
Program: Eco Workshop , Science Workshop, Halloween Games, Panasonic cooking class

• Weekend activities for parent:
Program: Mini game, Talkshow, Panasonic Cooking class


Panasonic Risupia Vietnam is a communication space for Panasonic and its customers.

The facility consists of 2 parts: Panasonic Corporate showroom where customers can sample premium lifestyle ideas through Panasonic’s presenting solutions of latest products and technologies; and Risupia – a hands-on science facilities which help children to explore the wonder and beauty of science and mathematics.

Starting with a firm customer commitment, we will create new values as we reach out to more people.

Panasonic Risupia Vietnam will continue to evolve together with its customers.


Experience premium lifestyle proposed by Panasonic!

Welcome zone

Here you can enjoy an innovative and premium space with unique technologies: space player, light ID, transparent screen. A synergized solution of images, lighting and products that open many opportunities for your future.

Welcome zone

Global message

This area introduces about Panasonic vision and initiatives for a better life, a better world.

Global message

Panasonic Beauty

Touch and try Panasonic’s beauty products that enable your “everyday beauty” with time saving and efficiency.

Panasonic Cooking

Experience modern cooking products that bring ideas and ease into your life. In this place we organize cooking classes on regular basis.

Panasonic Beauty

Panasonic Homes & Living

This place conveys the concept and latest information of Panasonic’s homes and living solutions combined with eco solution, system products and modern home appliance products for a better life, a better world. 

Panasonic Homes & Living

Next lifestyle zone

In this place we showcase 2 model houses with the aim of providing you ideas for a premium lifestyle with a combination of advanced technology, lighting solution and high-end products. Please experience to create your own lifestyle!

Next lifestyle zone

Next lifestyle 01

A Model of detached house for multi generation family with a safe, comfortable and convenient life.

Next lifestyle 02

A Model of high class condominium for young family with a stylish, simple and premium life.

Next lifestyle

Feel the fascination of science and mathematics!

Science Area

Here you can learn about scientific principles such as law of conservation of energy, the three primary colors of light, and methods of generating electricity.

Science Area

Mathematics Area

Here you can learn about mathematical principles such as prime numbers and parabolas, and experience the mistery and beauty of “numbers” and “shapes”.

Mathematics Area

Water Area

Here you can experience the wonder and beauty of water and the scientific principles associated with it, and learn all about water and the global environment.

Science Area

Discovery Base Camp

A learning area that explains scientific and mathematical principles behind each of our displays for easy understanding.

Discovery Base Camp

Quest Library

Deepen your understanding of mathematics with a video archives about numbers in the natural world, and quizzes on “numbers” and “shapes”.

Quest Library

Magical Performance Theater

A magical theater where you can immerse yourself in the world of mathematics. Enjoy learning about the world of mathematics by entering into a hall of 3D images.

Magical Performance Theater

Site tour

Site tour A: Technology and Science

Target: Business groups, organizations, schools
Capacity: 15 ~ 50 pax/group
Time: 9am ~ 5pm, Tuesday ~ Sunday
Duration: 90 mins
1. Visit Showroom zone

See, touch, feel and experience with Panasonic’s solutions which combine unique technologies and advanced products for premium, comfortable and environment friendly lifestyle.
(Visiting showroom activity to be selectively applied to group basing on practical operation at the Center.)

2. Visit
Risupia zone
Experience high-tech educational facility with fun.


Site tour B: Have fun learning

Target: Children under 5 years old
Capacity: 15 ~ 50 pax/group
Time: 9am ~ 5pm, Tuesday ~ Sunday
Duration: 90 mins
Activity: Visit Risupia zone and experience other activities (playing at kids’ corner, painting, watching video clips of environment, nature, life, etc.)


Site tour C: Learn and Play

Site tour C1

Site tour C2

Site tour C3


Kindergarten (5 years old), Primary and Secondary students


15 ~ 50 pax/group 


9am ~ 5pm, Tuesday ~ Sunday
(Time to be adjusted basing on practical operation at the center)


60 ~ 90 mins


Visit Risupia zone and Eco learning

1. Kindergarten ~ Grade 2:
□ Red fruits
□ Roles of water
□ Four seasons
2. Grade 3 ~ Grade 5:
□ Global Warming
3. Grade 6 ~ Grade 9:
□ Biodiversity
□ Risupia Contest

Visit Risupia zone and Workshop

1. Kindergarten ~ Grade 1:
□ Color painting
□ Paper fish
2. Grade 2 ~ Grade 5:
□ Rainbow scope
□ Book-mark
3. Grade 6 ~ Grade 9:
□ 3D Picture
□ Button flowers
□ Hand-made greeting card

Visit Risupia zone and Fun Experiment

1. Kindergarten ~ Grade 3:
□ Lava lamps
□ Instant ice-cream
2. Grade 4 ~ Grade 5:
□ Colorful rainbow cup
□ Magic with water


Weekend activities for children

The activities are for children from 5 to 13 years old with various themes of science, environment, and skills development, in a play-and-learn environment with high interaction.


Key science themes of Hybrid car, Dry battery, Phenakistoscope, Rainbow scope, Kaleidoscope, etc.. Some science fun-experiments of Lava lamps, Giant Air Balloons, Quick Ice-cream, etc..

Selected recycled eco topics of Button Flowers, 3D Picture, Recycled Pen Box, Hand-made Rocket, etc..


Weekend activities for adults

Diversified activities for adults with different topics to provide useful information, practical tips of cooking, beauty and product using through Cooking class, Beauty class, etc.. or sharing ideas and experiences about lifestyle through Talk shows with well-known speakers.


Product demonstration activities

Activities organized frequently at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam to offer visitors with real experience of Panasonic latest products and technology.


Special events

Interesting performances, attractive games and diversified activities for visitors during special occasions including Children’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, New Year, etc.




Add: 2nd Floor, Sunrise Building, 90 Tran Thai Tong Street,
Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 4 37958238   Fax: +84 4 37958240
Opening hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00 (Tuesdays ~ Sundays)
* Final admission one hour before closing time

Closed: Mondays & Public holidays