Personal Fax (KX Models)

Question1. Why can't I make and receive calls?

The power cord or telephone cord may not be connected. Please check the connection.
If you used a splitter to connect the unit, remove the splitter and connect the unit to the wall jack directly. If the unit operates properly, check the splitter.

Question2. Why am I unable to make calls out?

The dialling mode setting is wrong. Change the setting of feature #13.

Question3. What should I do if the unit does not work?

Disconnect the unit from the telephone line and connect the line to a known working telephone. If the working telephone operates properly, please send your fax machine to Panasonic Customer Care Center at 2 Jalan Kilang Barat, to have it repaired.
If the working telephone does not operate properly, kindly contact your telephone company.

Question4. What if the other party complains they only hear a fax tone and cannot talk?

FAX ONLY mode is set. Tell the other party the number is only used for faxes.
Otherwise you can change the setting to TEL mode or TEL/FAX mode.

Question5. What does it mean when my fax unit beeps?

The recording paper has run out. Press the "stop" button to stop the beeping and install paper.

Question6. Why can't I send documents?

The telephone line cord may be connected to the EXT jack on the unit. Connect to the LINE jack.
The other party's fax machine may be busy or has run out of recording paper.
The other party's machine is not a facsimile. Check with the other party.
The other party's fax machine rings too many times. Send the fax manually - dial the number, confirm the fax tone, then press FAX START.

Question7. What should I do if the other party complains that letters on their received document are distorted or not clear?

If your line has special telephone services such as call waiting, the service may have been activated during fax transmission. Connect the unit to a lone that does not have these services.
The extension telephone on the same line is off the hook. Hang up the extension telephone and try again.
Try copying the document. If the copied image is clear, there may be something wrong with the other party's machine.

Question8. What should I do if the other party complains that dirty patterns or black lines appear on their received document

The glass or rollers are dirty. Clean them.

Question9. Why can't I make an international fax call?

Use the overseas transmission mode of feature #23.
Add two pauses at the end of the telephone number or dial manually.

Question10. Why can't I receive documents automatically?

The receive mode is set to TEL mode. Set to FAX ONLY mode or TEL/FAX mode.
The time taken to answer the call is too long. Decrease the number of rings of features #06, #30 and #78.

Question11. Why does the recording paper have a white line /dirty pattern?

The glass or rollers are dirty. Clean them.

Question12. What could be the cause of poor quality printouts?

The other party sent a faint document. Ask them to send a clearer copy of the document.
Some paper comes with instructions recommending which side to print on. Try turning the paper over.
You may have used paper with cotton and/or fibre content that is over 20%, such as letterhead or resume paper.
The remaining toner is low. Replace the toner cartridge.
We recommend you replace the drum unit every third time you replace the toner cartridge. To check the drum life and quality, please print the printer test list.
The toner save mode feature is on.


You cannot make a copy during programming. Make the copy after programming or stop programming.