Alan Moyer

Peter Bolte

General Manager, Home and Building Solutions Division

About Alan

A long-time employee of Panasonic, Alan brings extensive consumer goods experience and detailed knowledge of the retail sector, particularly with building and home improvement products, to his role as General Manager of the Home and Building Solutions Division at Panasonic Canada Inc.

When Alan first joined Panasonic, he held the role of Sales Director for the battery group of Panasonic. His success within this sector provided an opportunity to expand his role and responsibilities. Currently, Alan is responsible for the continued growth of Panasonic's housing solutions initiatives, targeting residential and commercial builders and developers.

Prior to his time at Panasonic, Alan worked in the hardware industry, in a variety of sales and marketing roles. His experience with a diverse range of customers has provided him with the insights needed to mentor and strengthen his current sales team.

For leisure, Alan enjoys travelling to new destinations and broadening his knowledge by learning about other cultures. In addition, Alan also serves on two non-profit boards, Canadian Hardware Houseware Manufacturers Association and Call2Recycle, as part of his role at Panasonic and is looking to expand his focus to other charities in his community. Alan is passionate about his family and is a proud father and grandfather.

Quote: "Panasonic is constantly coming out with new products and technologies which provides a rewarding challenge and opportunity for me and my team to bring not only these products to new Canadian markets, but to continuously offer added value, resources and solutions to our existing customers. My team relies on me to manage ongoing internal and external challenges, so they can focus their time on serving our customers' needs."

One word that best describes Alan: connected