Brian McMullan

Brian McMullan


About Brian

Joining the company in 2013, Brian was drawn by Panasonic’s long-standing reputation for developing quality products for both consumer and business audiences.

As President of the Canadian organization, Brian McMullan brings years of executive experience from various industries, ranging from transportation to consumer/business products; coupled with a diverse skillset including change management, financial stewardship, sales leadership, eliminating divisional silos, strategic acquisitions and the establishment of joint venture companies and partnerships.  With his broad financial knowledge and experience and understanding of the Canadian business landscape, Brian is uniquely positioned to lead and drive Panasonic’s overall growth objectives.

Prior to his appointment as President, Brian served as Panasonic Canada’s Executive Vice-President of Finance and Treasurer, where he was an integral part of the executive leadership team focusing on strategic and financial planning and directing the larger financial division.  From 2016-2019, Brian concurrently served as Vice-President of Finance of Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company of Newark, N.J., where he led a successful financial turnaround of the U.S. consumer business.  Brian was also intimately involved in the strategic acquisition of a food service technology integrator, Quickservice Technologies, which is now a successful division of Panasonic Canada Inc.

Outside of the office, Brian enjoys relaxing with his family and woodworking. He is a driving enthusiast with a passion for vintage automobiles and cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Quote: “What truly makes a team great are the people in it. I feel grateful to work with such an amazing group of individuals who foster open communication and take absolute pride in contributing to PCI’s success. My approach towards working with people is to always have an open-door policy and lead by example. When faced with a challenge, I approach it with a calm and level-headed perspective.”

One word that best describes Brian: fearless