Peter Bolte

Peter Bolte

General Manager, Product Marketing, Consumer Products Division

About Peter

A veteran of Panasonic Canada, Peter Bolte brings over 25 years of product marketing and sales knowledge, and experience, to his current role as General Manager, Product Marketing, Consumer Products Division at Panasonic Canada Inc.

When Peter joined Panasonic Canada in 1992, he was confident it was a brand he wanted to be part of because of its impressive technological innovations and the value the company placed on making a contribution to society.

Peter initially joined Panasonic as a Product Manager for the Car Audio category. His audio portfolio then expanded to include Technics and DVD-related products. In 2000, he was promoted to General Manager, Marketing, Consumer Products Division, and has been in that position since. In his current role, Peter focuses on creatively leading change and looking for opportunities to expand the business while delivering quality products to his partners, vendors and consumers. Peter strives to inspire those he works with to deliver brand experiences that help others visualize Panasonic in an inspiring way through the use of Panasonic Branded Environments at various retailers and through Panasonic’s presentation centres in the head office.

Peter is committed to serving his customers by providing quality product innovation to the local Canadian market while remaining committed to Panasonic’s core principle of making a contribution to society by creating a better life for Canadians. Peter believes this core value translates to the relationships he has with employees, retail partners and consumers.

By advocating mutual prosperity with those he works with, Peter focuses his team on continuing to build the business to ensure long-term success.

Prior to joining Panasonic, Peter worked with a premium A/V retailer in Toronto where he was responsible for leading sales and marketing, and establishing their custom AV installation business. 

Outside of the office, Peter is enthusiastic about spending his time listening to classical and jazz music. He also enjoys interior design, landscape gardening, and travelling.

Quote: “I’m most passionate about my work at Panasonic because I get the opportunity to solve problems in a creative and inspirational way every day. Through my experience working with my colleagues on new ideas and unleashing my own and others’ energy, we are able to continually develop our brand to its fullest potential.” 

One word that best describes Peter: catalyst