Phillip Chmielinski

Peter Bolte

General Manager, Sales, Consumer Products Division

About Phillip

A veteran employee, Phillip Chmielinski brings over 25 years of product management knowledge and experience to his current role as General Manager, Sales, Consumer Products Division at Panasonic Canada Inc. 

When Phillip joined Panasonic Canada in 1991, he was well aware of the company’s long-standing reputation for producing quality products on a global scale. Today, he is fully immersed in the organization’s product offerings and is truly passionate when it comes to supplying innovative technology that speaks directly to a Canadian audience.

Phillip’s initial contributions to Panasonic started in product management where he discovered Panasonic’s extensive technology solutions that support many areas of day-to-day life. When he became Director of Marketing, Communications Products he focused on building a marketing team to expand sales in strategic AV growth areas. As Director of Sales, Key Accounts for all consumer products (including AV and Appliance products) he was responsible for communicating with sales associates across the country to develop innovative solutions in the B2C space. In his current role as General Manager of Sales, Consumer Products he incorporates his experience from previous roles and works closely with his team to help retail partners navigate complex issues. 

He is committed to serving his customers through all of Panasonic’s product categories and continues to work diligently with vendors and partners to ensure Panasonic provides the best quality products to the local Canadian market. 

Prior to joining Panasonic, Phillip worked with a variety of consumer packaged goods brands in various positions including sales, business development and marketing.

When he’s not leading a team or serving his many clients, partners and vendors, Phillip enjoys spending time outdoors and maintaining a balance by living a healthy, active lifestyle through skiing, travelling and hiking. 

Quote: “I’m most passionate about my work at Panasonic because I know we are consistently delivering unique products that consumers love. It is my job to keep my sales team focused and motivated to deliver on our promise to be one of the most trusted brands in Canada.”

One word that best describes Phillip: trustworthy