Susan Black

Susan Black

General Manager, Enterprise Solutions Division

About Susan

Susan Black brings over 17 years of technology experience to her role as General Manager of Enterprise Solutions at Panasonic Canada Inc.

Joining the company in 2004, Susan was drawn to Panasonic’s reputation of quality, ethical values and contribution to society, along with the complexity of the company’s B2B solutions.

Always open to a new challenge, Susan thrives in situations where she can learn and explore new concepts and has held several positions at Panasonic applying her skills within the marketing, computer and AV solutions, IT solutions and QST technologies teams. She is known for being a leader with experience building strategic plans and driving results, cultivating high-performing teams and is well regarded by customers and colleagues for being true to her word.

Susan is passionate about leading by example and understanding the unique talents of those she manages to create collaborative teams who work harmoniously to meet both the company and customers’ goals. With a laser focus on the customer, Susan is known to fully immerse herself in her customer’s business to better understand their needs and challenges. This allows her to successfully deliver on results, while balancing the needs of the organization for a mutually beneficial end result.

Previous to her time at Panasonic, Susan held branch and account manager roles at computer software, telecommunications and technology companies.

Outside of the office, Susan enjoys spending time with her family, staying active and travelling to sunny destinations. Passionate about equality in society, women’s rights and healthcare initiatives, Susan also served on the Trillium Health Partner Volunteers Board as Director of Marketing for four years and fundraises for cancer care and hospital initiatives.

Quote: “I thrive by the entrepreneur spirit of Panasonic and find it both exciting and ground-breaking to have the benefit of being a Fortune 500 company yet with the ability to pivot quickly to develop new solutions. I strongly believe that brand and quality are paramount to our customers and I’m proud to deliver this through building strong teams who are customer-centric and balance the needs of the organization to move the company forward.”

One word that best describes Susan: resolute