Starting "Bringing Light to People"

Starting "Bringing Light to People"

We want to improve this situation even if only a little.
The 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project of Panasonic has donated 102,716 solar lanterns to 30 countries and 131 organizations/institutions of regions mainly in Africa and Asia, where electricity service is not provided.

However, people living in areas without electricity are facing a variety of challenges.
In response, Panasonic launched the Bringing Light to People project in March 2018, through which it will increase the number of donors and bring lights together with warm-hearted individuals.

The donations we have received are being effectively used for purposes such as offering learning opportunities to children and adults as well as providing safe medical care. We are looking forward to your active participation in the Bringing Light to People project as part of our efforts to create a bright future through donations.

Bringing Light to People Project for Every One of Us

Kunikazu AKAO
Project Coordinator of Diaspora Engagement
International Organization for Migration

Ms. Mieko Osanai,
Representative Director of JAPAN TEAM OF YOUNG HUMAN POWER (JHP)

Photo:Dai Tamesue I like books and tend to accumulate large amounts of them. I saw that this was a good chance to be of some help to society, so I donated 100 used books.
I hope that with this donation, children in Asia and Africa can enjoy reading at night, just as we do. I fully support the Bringing Light to People Project!

Dai Tamesue

Those who do not receive "AKARI"

Donation through crowd-funding

Crowd-funding is a method of widely collecting funds through an internet site from people who empathize with the project. We use the collected funds to buy lighting appliances such as lanterns and endow NGO/NPOs with them.

Illustration of donation by Cloud Funding