Global Citizenship Activities Promoted by Employees / Panasonic employees around the world are playing a leading role in local communities to create a sustainable society.

To create a sustainable global environment and society, Panasonic is not only promoting its corporate activities as an enterprise but is also enhancing the support of volunteer activities carried out by its employees, their families, and retirees on a global scale.
Our target for fiscal 2012 is to extend the total length of time that employees devote to volunteer and corporate citizenship activities per year to over one million hours.

Recent activities

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    Panasonic ECO RELAY for Sustainable Earth

    As global citizens, each and every member of the Panasonic Group around the world is engaged in environment protection activities rooted locally, such as forest improvement and biodiversity conservation, by joining forces with local residents, children, and employees' family members.

    Under the concept of an 'eco relay,' which connects people, communities, and activities on a global basis and passes on our efforts to the next generation, we are aiming to bring greater benefits to the world. A total of 992 eco projects are planned for fiscal 2011.

    Pro Bono Program

    Pro bono comes from the Latin, "pro bono publico" (for the public good), referring to volunteer activities through which participants contribute their own expertise and experience. At Panasonic, employees voluntarily work for NPOs that the company has been supporting and help these organizations strengthen their business development abilities and improve their operations-for example, by developing websites and presentation materials-through their work-related skills in areas from planning to development, sales, marketing, and public relations. In fiscal 2011, 14 employees contributed their skills and experience to four NPOs to improve their communications.

    Panasonic Support Program for Global Citizenship Activities

    In April 1998, Panasonic established a system by which the company would help partially fund volunteer and corporate citizenship activities conducted by its employees, their families, and retired employees. The aims of this system are to encourage employees' active involvement in society, and thus to contribute to society by supporting their activities.
    Panasonic therefore covers part of the costs, such as those for purchasing equipment, hosting commemorative events, and managing offices associated with the activities promoted by NPOs and other groups in which its employees have been involved over the long term. Financial support from Panasonic up to fiscal 2010 totaled 170 million yen. This amount was used to assist a total of 783 projects.