Environmental Policy

We aim to achieving a society in which the pursuit
of happiness and a sustainable environment are
harmonized free of conflict.

Action Policy

  1. Through our technological capabilities and business activities, we will provide our customers with products and solutions that enable customers to live comfortably and conveniently and contribute to the environment.
  2. We are working to reduce CO2 emissions by promoting energy conservation in our own business activities and shifting to clean energy, and to expand CO2 Avoided Emissions by promoting electrification in our products and solutions.
  3. We will promote the transition to Circular Economy business, such as the promotion of the use of recycled materials, and work towards reducing waste to lessen the environmental burden, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.
  4. We will strengthen communication with customers and local communities and fulfill our social responsibility to our stakeholders through the publication of Integrated Report and other information dissemination.
  5. We will strengthen our compliance system with environmental laws and regulations and comply with legal and other requirements applicable to our products and business activities.
  6. We will develop environmental human resources by clarifying the role of each employee in environmental initiatives and developing education systems for each business, function, and class.
  7. We regularly review and continuously improve our EMS, and all divisions and employees contribute to the promotion of environmental management in Full-participation activities .

We will make this Environmental Policy open to the public, disseminate it to all employees and parties concerned, development to specific objectives or targets, and promote full-participation activities through all divisions and all employees consider environmental contribution.

April 1, 2024
Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd.