Working to Solve Social Issues

This page introduces Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd. initiatives for “Social (S)" in ESG management.

We aim to enhance employee engagement through contributions to solving social issues, and to create an organization in which each and every employee can be active and happy. We have identified three material issues related to the society: “Providing Energy for the Pursuit of Happiness", "Promoting Human Capital Management and Respecting Human Rights” and “Responsible Supply Chain”.

Working to Solve Social Issues - FY2031 Targets and KPIs -

Providing Energy for the Pursuit of Happiness*1

Sales of stationary storage batteries that support clean energy : 4.0
Sales of dry batteries that provide support in emergencies*2 : 2.4
Sales of healthcare storage batteries that support everyday life : 2.2
Sales of batteries that protect the security of mobility*3 : 8.2

*1 Sales volume with fiscal 2022 set as 1
*2 Sales in the three key regions
*3 Automotive batteries excluding those for drive applications

Promoting Human Capital Management and Respecting Human Rights

EOS score Employee engagement : 80pt, EOS score Employee enablement : 75pt
Percentage of women in managerial positions (non-consolidated) : 15%
Rate of childcare leave taken among men and women (consolidated, Japan) : Men/Women100%
Health management index (Japan: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) : White500
Number of fatalities due to industrial accidents (global) : 0 incidents
Number of industrial accidents (lost time incidents in Japan) : 0 incidents
Percentage of implementation of self-assessments related to human rights and labour (Panasonic Energy overseas manufacturing subsidiaries) and percentage of executed corrective plans : 100%
Percentage of suppliers covered by on-site human rights risk audits : 100%

Responsible Supply Chain

Ratio of tier 1 suppliers with an A-rank self-assessment : 100%
Written pledge acquisition rate from tier 1 suppliers : 100%
CMRT/EMRT questionnaire collection rate : 100%
Ratio of active / conformant smelters:100%