Resource Recycling

Realizing a circular society

As a company that uses large amounts of natural resources in its business, we believe that using the earth’s limited resources in a sustainable manner and passing them on to the next generation is crucial.
For the future of children born today, we are increasing recycling to reduce the consumption of new natural resources while reducing waste to lower our environmental impact. We are also working to reduce CO2 emissions related to the production of materials and disposal of products. We will advance these efforts in tandem with our commitment to achieving decarbonization.

Reduced waste from the factory

We work continuously to reduce waste generated by our factories and increase the volume of valuable materials and resources recycled. Our aim is to reduce the final disposal amount (amount of waste ending up in landfill) to as close to zero as possible.
We have set the factory recycling rate (Amount recycled ÷ [Amount recycled + Final disposal amount]) as a KPI, with a target of 99% or higher. In fiscal 2023, we achieved a factory recycling rate of 98.7% globally.

*1 Amount of landfill = Amount of waste disposed at landfill site
*2 Factory waste recycling rate = Amount of resources recycled / (Amount of resources recycled + Amount of landfill)
*3 Zero emission = Factory waste recycling rate: 99% or higher(Definition by Panasonic)

Initiatives for Factory Waste Reduction

We are promoting following measures for waste reduction on global basis, reducing waste.

  1. Improvement in productivity of process equipment
  2. Improvement in yield ratio
  3. Reuse of liquid medicine and resin
  4. Recovering valuables from waste
  5. Holding Network Event for Waste Reduction and Recovering Valuables from Waste to share case examples
This photo shows the network event held at the domestic factory regarding waste reduction and valuable resource promotion.
Network Event for Waste Reduction in Japan

Initiatives for Plastics

Trend in Waste Plastics (Japan)

Fiscal year

FY 2022

FY 2023

Waste generation (t)



Recycled amount (t)



Final disposal amount (t)



Recycling rate (%)



Target of Recycling rate (%)



Our company generates approximately 1,000 tons of waste plastics annually.
We achieved the target of recycling rate for plastic waste, 99% or more.
We are in the process of switching to businesses that can recycle plastic waste
from time to time, as well as businesses that take back valuable resources.
No in-house processing is performed.