Promoting Human Capital Management

For Panasonic Energy, there is no greater management asset than Human Resources. In an effort to realize our Mission and Vision, we therefore aspire to a company in which a diverse range of colleagues gather, coexist, and pursue their individual well-being and job satisfaction.

Promoting DEI*

We engage in initiatives that envision a company in which the diverse range of colleagues who gather here coexist and in which individual well-being and job satisfaction are in harmony.
These initiatives also aim to foster an environment that continues to provide spaces for supporting the challenges taken by each employee, all while enabling these spaces to change in a flexible manner. As one of these initiatives, we hold an internal forum under the theme of How to Be a Company Full of Happy People.

* Note:DEI: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

During the first forum

1st forum theme:
Consider diversity and coexistence from the forest

During the second forum

2nd forum theme:
Methods for enhancing personal energy and breaking unconscious bias

Improving Employee Engagement

We will enhance the Employee Engagement score and the Employee Enablement score on the Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) as we aim to enter the top 25th percentile of excellent companies globally.

Employee Engagement

Putting Together an Environment that Enables Employees to Reach Their Full Potential

In regard to the needs of employees with diverse value sets and backgrounds, we are designing mechanisms that encourage them to challenge difficult goals and easily produce outcomes, namely by allowing each employee to select the ideal work style for their individual circumstances.
Specifically, we are establishing an environment that conforms to their working needs by, for example, expanding the remote work system to increase the flexibility of work locations, enhancing leave systems, and revising the housing system to address various lifestyles.

The Moriguchi head office

The Moriguchi head office was honored with the Award for Encouragement as part of the Nikkei New Office Awards

[Engagement Gardening Group]
Group activities for communicating internally and externally through gardening and engagement

Engagement Gardening Group
Engagement Gardening Group