FR1/FC1 ម៉ាស៊ីនបោកគក់ - ការបង្ហាញកំហុស - U81៖ បញ្ហាភ្ជាប់រ៉ោទ័រ



U81៖ បញ្ហាភ្ជាប់រ៉ោទ័រ

Failed to connect the washing machine and the wireless LAN router. Please check the following

・ The router is not turned on.
    ⇒ Turn on the power.

・ The distance between the router and the washing machine is too long.
    ⇒ Bring the router closer.

・ There is a device that uses radio waves, such as a microwave oven, nearby.
    ⇒ Keep a distance.
    ⇒ Stop using the device or wait a while and try again.

・ Multiple devices are connected to the router.
    ⇒ Turn off the power of the device you are not using.