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Intelligent Controller : Centralized Air Conditioning Management System



Reduce Energy, Expand Your Business

This unit is a centralized air conditioning management system designed for your advanced requirements in various types of buildings, such as offices, hotels and more.
* Connect and control up to 256 indoor units and 120 outdoor units.

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Meets Various Remote Needs for max 256 Indoor Units

Enhanced energy-saving functions and monitoring function will contribute to the economic advantage of your business facility and the comfort of your clients indoor environments. Also, ECONAVI function available to save further energy consumption.
Meets Various Remote Needs for max 256 Indoor Units

Operating Status Monitor

• You can check operational status (ON/OFF, operating modes, alarms, etc.) of all indoor units and outdoor units in real time.
• You can also change indoor units settings.
Operating Status Monitor

2-Year Scheduling

• You can register daily operation schedules (ON/OFF time, operating modes, set temperatures, etc) for individual indoor units or groups of indoor units.
• Operation schedules can be set for up to 2 years in advance.
2-Year Scheduling

Built-in Load Distribution Calculator

• Allows you to monitor energy usage history.
• Pulse value selection per different data intervals, 1 hour/1 day/1 month compared with the previous year, are available.
• Displays electricity & gas usage distribution per indoor unit or in an area, so that calculation result can be summarized for each tenant.
Built-in Load Distribution Calculator

Enhanced Energy-Saving Functions

Auto Return Set-temperature

• This feature prevents over cooling or heating. [Automatically Return to Set-temperature Function]
• Even if the set temperature is changed, the temperature automatically returns to the set temperature at your designated time (Return time).
Auto Return Set-temperature

Auto Shutoff on Vacant Offices

• In case that the air conditioning automatically stops at the set-time, but then is started again by your employee during the nights or weekends, this setting automatically stops the unit again repeatedly at set intervals.
• Useful for central control of large buildings with many rooms with minimal resources.
Auto Shutoff on Vacant Offices

Demand Peak Shaving Function

• You can limit the electricity or gas consumption of outdoor units during the set time slot.
• When set to the 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00 time slots, the consumption of electricity/gas by the outdoor units is reduced during those time periods.
A) Electricity or gas consumed B) Demand operation
Demand Peak Shaving Function

Control Air Conditioning from Anywhere

The LAN terminal on this unit enables you to connect it to a network. Connecting to the internet will enable you to operate the unit and check the status using a PC from a remote location. Display image on the PC is the same design as the controller unit.
Control Air Conditioning from Anywhere

Example of System Configuration

A)Intelligent controller B)Communication adaptor
C) Linked systems #1 D)Linked systems #2 E)Linked systems #3 F)Linked systems #4 1)Pulse meter x 3 2)Signal input x 3, Signal output x 2 3)Inter-unit control wiring(no polarity) 4)Communication adaptor control wiring (RS-485 (polarity sensitive)) 5)Area group 6) Distribution group
Indoor units: 256units (64units x 16systems). Outdoor units: 120units (30units x 16systems) . Communication adaptor: 7units.
Example of System Configuration

Prohibition Setting for Individual Controllers

In case of joint use with individual controllers, function limitation can be set in the following patterns.

Setting mode




Fan speed



Prohibit 1

Prohibit 2

Prohibit 3

Prohibit 4

✓ : Operation from the individual controller is possible. — : Operation from the individual controller is prohibited.
* Contents for Prohibit 1~4 can be modified.

Maximize Comfort and Energy-Saving

Along with ECONAVI sensor “CZ-CENSC1”, human activity levels can be detected for optimum energy saving operations, while maximizing comfort.
* This feature is available on certain models only.
Maximize Comfort and Energy-Saving



Photo of CZ-256ESMC3

Easy installation for the 4 Way Cassette type simply by replacing the corner part.
24 hour timer function.

Remote controller by main remote controller and sub controller is possible (Max. 2 controllers can be installed for one IDU)

When CZ-RWS3 is used, infrared control becomes possible for all indoor units.

Operation of separate energy recovery ventilators (When heat-exchange ventilation fans, etc. have been installed)

ECONAVI / Ventilation / Energy saving setting. Temperature automatic return.

Dimensions [H × W × D] (mm) 240 × 280 × (20 + 65)
Weight 2.7 kg
Temperature/Humidity range 0 °C to 40 °C / 20 % to 80 % (no condensation) Indoor use only.
Rated voltage/Rated frequency Single phase 100-240 V ~ 50-60 Hz
Power consumption Max. 20 W
Clock Precision ± 30 seconds/month (at normal temperature 25 °C)
* Adjust periodically.
Clock Holding time 100 days (at normal temperature 25 °C with full charge)
* Approx. 8 hours are required for full charge.
Number of connectable units per link*¹ Up to 100 units of the combined total of the
• Indoor unit - Up to 64 units*²
• Outdoor unit - Up to 30 units
• Central control device - Up to 10 units
Note *1: The maximum number of connectable units is shown below.
• When using only this unit: 128 indoor units and 60 outdoor units
• When connecting a Communication Adaptor: 256 indoor units and 120 outdoor units
*2: The number of indoor units includes the Interface Adaptor.



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