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Wired Remote Controller for Packaged Air Conditioner


Precise Control, Easy Comfort

Panasonic single-split packaged air conditioner remote controllers are designed with user convenience in mind. Multiple settings are available so airflow and air quality can be regulated according to your preferences.
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Photo of CZ-RD513C

Group control with a single remote controller, Separate control with twin remote controllers, etc.

A weekly timer that allows you to set the time for each day of the week and set temperature.

Save up to 20%* energy in economy mode.
* During cooling operation at 25°C or less.

Dimensions (mm) (H) 120 X (W) 116 X (D) 15.5
Net Weight 120g
Storage temperature -30˚C to 60˚C
Voltage DC5V±0.25V
Working condition Operating temperature range (Indoor: -10˚C~60˚C)
Operating humidity range (40~95%RH)




Settings Can be Regulated with 3 Connection Patterns

A) Group Control with a Single Remote Controller
B) Separate Control with Twin Remote Controllers
C) Common Control by Both Wired and Wireless
Remote Controllers
1)Remote-side remote controller 2)Indoor units 3)Local-side remote controller (either wired or wireless) 4)Receptor unit 5)Wired remote controller 6)Wireless remote controller
Settings Can be Regulated with 3 Connection Patterns

Weekly Timer

1) Select Day: Timer can be set for each day of the week.
2) Enter Time: Can be pre-set with: Max.6 settings/day, 42 settings/week.
3) Set Temperature: The temperature can also be programmed for optimal comfort.
Weekly Timer

Economy Mode

Saves up to 20%* energy. The air conditioner determines the stable condition and moderately shifts the set temperature in 0.5-degree steps to regulate the energy-saving operation (maximum 2 degrees).
*When operating in cooling mode at 25°C or lower.
Economy Mode