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Infrared Wireless Remote Controller for VRF


Convenient with Handy Control

Basic air conditioner functions and nanoe™ X / ECONAVI operations can be performed at hand.
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Photo of CZ-RWS3

Easy installation for the 4 way cassette type simply by replacing the corner part.
24 hour timer function.

Remote controller by main remote controller and sub controller is possible. (Max. 2 controllers can be installed for one IDU)

When CZ-RWS3 is used, infrared control becomes possible for all indoor units.

Operation of separate energy recovery ventilators. (When heat-exchange ventilation fans, etc. have been installed)

nanoe™ X / ECONAVI / Energy-saving setting. Temperature automatic return.

Operating multiple in-outdoor units simultaneously.

Dimensions (mm) (H) 165 X (W) 59 X (D) 22
Weight 100 g (Batteries and remote controller holder are not included)
Temperature/Humidity range 0 ˚C to 40 ˚C / 20% to 80% (No condensation)
*Indoor use only.
Power source Two LR03 size batteries
Clock Accuracy ±90 seconds per month (at 25 °C)





Meet Various Remote Control Needs

Basic functions are available on your palm, such as temperature setting, operation switching, airflow direction/fan speed setting etc. When a separate receiver is set up in a different room, control from that room also becomes possible. Activate nanoe™ X with just one push.
Meet Various Remote Control Needs

The Combination of Wireless Remote Controller
and Receiver

For 2-WAY Cassette

For 2-WAY Cassette

For 4-Way Cassette

For 4-Way Cassette

For Ceiling Mounted

For Ceiling Mounted

For 1-WAY Cassette

For 1-WAY Cassette

For All Indoor Units

For All Indoor Units

For Wall/Mini Cassette

For Wall/Mini Cassette

Control System Tables

Control Contents

Standard Control

• Controlling various operations of the indoor unit by wired or wireless remote controller.
• Cooling or heating mode of the outdoor unit is decided by the first priority of the remote controller.
• Switching between the remote controller sensor and the body sensor is possible.

Main/Sub Remote Control

• Max 2 remote controllers per indoor unit. (Main remote controller can be connected)
• The button pressed last has priority.
• Timer setting is possible even with the sub remote controller. (When using ECONAVI sensor, only one remote controller is possible to connect to the indoor unit)

Group Control

• Batch remote control on all indoor units.
• Operation of all indoor units in the same mode.
• Up to 8 units can be connected.
• The thermostat ON/OFF function activates according to the set temperature that is detected through the sensor of the indoor unit.

* Available for VRF only.

System Example FSV

1) Remote controller 2) Main 3) Sub
A) Standard control B) Main/Sub remote control
C) Group control
*Connectable number of controllers, controller combination, connectable indoor units, remote control maximum wiring lengh are different between the controller. Please confirm the installation Instructions of controller or consult with Panasonic service center.
System Example FSV

Activate to Purify Spaces All Day Long

Panasonic air purification function “nanoe™ X” can be turned ON or OFF with just the touch of a remote control button.
Activate to Purify Spaces All Day Long

Maximize Comfort and Energy-Saving

Along with ECONAVI sensor “CZ-CENSC1”, human activity levels can be detected for optimum energy saving operations, while maximizing comfort.
* This feature is available on certain models only.
Maximize Comfort and Energy-Saving