A better life begins at home.

We are company that inspires ways of loving and are committed to offering the best of
comfort, safety, healthy living environment to everyone around the world, by combining
proprietary technologies and our vast knowledge of designing houses.

Discover a new standard of living and comfort

As the Property Developer as well as One Stop Design and Build company, Panasonic Homes has been evolved the function and the quality of the house for more than 50 years in Japan.
We offer high quality homes with precise floor planning and interior design that much with needs and further improve and maintain the value of your own assets for the long time.


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Bringing “Durability” and “Livability” to the World

Panasonic Homes is committed to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our customers globally through home building and urban development.

Panasonic Homes was founded in 1963 by Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic Corporation.
Over the past 50 years, we have supplied a cumulative total of approximately 850,000 housing units* globally.

* Total actual housing units from FY1961 to FY2020 plus estimated housing units in FY2021 (domestic: housing units sold; overseas: housing units sold and built under construction contracts)

Business in Japan

Custom-built detached house business
Urban development business
Land utilization business
Existing residential stock business

Expanding from Japan to overseas

map:Expanding from Japan to overseas  [Taiwan]· Property sales business · Construction contracting business · Interior design business [Malaysia]· Property sales business · Construction contracting business [Indonesia]· Property sales business [New Zealand]· Building material supply business
We expanded our overseas business to Taiwan in 2010, Malaysia in 2012, Indonesia in 2017 and New Zealand in 2021.
We promote housing business that aims to improve living conditions by
taking into consideration the climate and lifestyles of each country and comparing them to Japanese standards.