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WATER The Sustainer of Healthy Life

WATER ーThe Sustainer of Healthy Life

WATER ーThe Sustainer of Healthy Life

Water is an indispensable part of our lives, supporting daily life from the ground up. If the water is clean, our whole life is clean, increasing our sense of security. Panasonic wants families to be happy by having the water they need. We have continued to advance the development of water purifiers for more than half a century and alkaline ionizers for more than a quarter of a century.

Water in Human Body

Our bodies contain 60%* water. Most of the water obtained from drinking water and food absorbed by the intestines and becomes body fluids such as blood. A total of about 7,200 L* of blood per day circulates around the body carrying oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and metabolic waste.
Blood also eliminates bacteria and other foreign objects, and controls body temperature while maintaining the body's internal environment, so it plays a very important role.

* An adult man. The percentage of water decreases with age

Water in Human Body

Losing and Supplying Water

Every day, our body will discharge 2.5 L of water as a result of exhalation, sweating and other bodily functions. Losing an extremely large amount of water can cause a wide range of physical problems.
You could say that an adequate supply of safe, clean, high-quality water is the key to a healthy body.

Losing and Supplying Water

Our Health and Internal Environment of the Body

To keep us healthy, our bodies maintain just the right internal conditions such as the concentration of electrolytes, body temperature and pH. This ability, referred to as homeostasis, maintains a pH of approximate 7.4 inside the body, which is slightly more alkaline than the neutral value of pH 7, while it's a pH of approximate 5.3 at skin surface, which is weakly

* pH indicates the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+), with pH 7 taken as neutral.

Our Health and Internal Environment of the Body
WATER ーThe Sustainer of Healthy Life

Life with Worry-free and Multi-functional Water

Not only drinking, but also for various usage such as washing and cooking, safe and clean water is needed by everyone every day. Thorough water purification lets you enjoy a worry-free life, and multi-functional water such as alkaline ionized water realizes your healthier life.

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WATER ーThe Sustainer of Healthy Life

Help Upgrade Your Life with Our Range of Products

Generate not only safe, clean purified water, but also multi-functional water such as alkaline ionized water. Ionized water has unique properties other water doesn’t have that contribute to a healthier daily life.

Under Sink Type

Under Sink Type

The main unit and special faucet are separated. You can store the main unit under the sink to provide a spacious countertop.

Countertop Type

Countertop Type

The main unit and special faucet are integrated. Installation is easy and doesn’t require any construction work.

WATER ーThe Sustainer of Healthy Life

History of Panasonic Quality Water

History of Panasonic Quality Water




Release of water purifier


Release of batch alkaline ionizer


Pharmaceutical approval of the water alkaline ionizer


Release of built-in water purifier


Release of continuous alkaline ionizer


Release of built-in alkaline ionizer


Release of pot alkaline ionizer


Release of reduced hydrogen water generator


Release of UF membrane alkaline ionizer

Worldwide Expansion
Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Middle-East, North Africa, Panama, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

WATER ーThe Sustainer of Healthy Life

Japanese Quality & Reliability

There are no compromises made, not only in the water purifying performance but also in safety and durability. The DNA of Japan's famed craftsmanship is clearly found in Panasonic’s product development. The quality of Panasonic products is recognized worldwide.

Japanese Quality & Reliability

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