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#2019BUCKETLIST: Eat more South East Asian food!

#2019BUCKETLIST: Eat more South East Asian food!

#2019BUCKETLIST: Eat more South East Asian food! – Panasonic Cooking

Eating local food has plenty of benefits as locally grown food is fresher, flavorful and packed with nutrients. These fresh, nutrient-dense South East Asian local food items such as turmeric, galangal and spearmint contain impressive health benefits that can be found in your kitchen. Here’s a bucket list of why you should eat more South East Asian local food:


Many Malaysians can’t survive without eating this national dish.

#2019BUCKETLIST: Eat more South East Asian food! – Panasonic Cooking

Nasi lemak is literally known as fatty rice. Its fragrant rice infused with coconut milk and pandan leaf served with fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, boiled egg, and sliced cucumber. Also add sambal, a hot and spicy chilli paste that creates a mouth-watering foodie experience. The ingredients in nasi lemak provide nutrients that positively benefit your cardiovascular system. It is also high in fibre and protein. This is definitely a hearty meal that increases your metabolism rate and reduces inflammation. A fantastic gastronomic experience you can ask for in Malaysia!

2. Singapore

Home to the world’s cheapest Michelin rated food, hainanese chicken rice is considered a national dish in Singapore.

#2019BUCKETLIST: Eat more South East Asian food! – Panasonic Cooking

This dish is actually created by Hainanese immigrants in Singapore. Singaporean Hainanese chicken rice is a dish with fragrant rice soaked in chicken oil, with tender and juicy steamed chicken served with black soy sauce and chili sauce. This combination of chicken and rice means it’s rich in protein and fiber that aids in muscle development and better gut system respectively. This is the best comfort food you can ever find in town!

3. Thailand

Tom yum goong is the only dish in the world that will stimulate most of your taste buds (sweet, sour, salty and spicy) at once!

#2019BUCKETLIST: Eat more South East Asian food! – Panasonic Cooking

Filled with prawns, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, galangal, onions and kaffir lime leaves, it creates a healthy eating experience. Pick your choice of tom yum goong– the clear or coconut milk version. In a bowl of tom yum goong, you can find ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties plus detoxifying effect which is good for your body. Tom yum goong is refreshingly spicy for the soul!

4. Vietnam

Imagine going back home to find a piping hot bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup cooked by your Mom.

#2019BUCKETLIST: Eat more South East Asian food! – Panasonic Cooking

This staple dish has rice noodles with slices of beef, dashed with sprinkles of herbs, condiments, and chopped lime and chili. The broth is boiled for a few hours to bring out the flavorsome taste of beef! There are many local variations of Pho noodles you can choose from: fish, chicken, squid. This dish has several nutritional benefits that are important for your digestive system, bone health and immune system. Pho is the perfect, healthy dish when you are feeling under the weather!

5. Indonesia

If you’re a fan of fruit or Caesar salad, then Gado-gado is the one for you. It’s literally known as mix-mix where you will see a mixture of vegetables that are pleasing to your eyes.

#2019BUCKETLIST: Eat more South East Asian food! – Panasonic Cooking

Gado-gado is originally from Indonesia, and local people love it since it’s extremely cheap and nutritious. It contains loads of proteins and fiber that are plant-based which is much healthier than meat-based protein. It’s also filled with vitamins that are essential for your blood cells production, thanks to green vegetables. Gado-gado is an Indonesian salad consisting of bean sprouts, cucumber, potatoes, long beans, red chilies, roasted peanuts, tofu, tempeh, lontong (rice cake), tomatoes, garlic, cabbage. Just add peanut sauce as a dressing to make it complete!


In the Philippines, the beloved chicken adobo has a Spanish origin and it is well-loved. Its marinade is made from salt, vinegar, pepper and soy sauce.

#2019BUCKETLIST: Eat more South East Asian food! – Panasonic Cooking

Chicken adobo is rich in protein, iron, fiber, Vitamin K, antibacterial properties and manganese that are essential for your bodies such as bone health and thyroid function. Did you know that chicken adobo issued to preserve food in the past since there were no refrigerators? Well, that was a cool, fun fact about this well-loved dish in the Philippines!

Once you’re done with the bucket list of local South East Asian food delights, have you ever thought of re-creating these local delicacies in the comfort of your kitchen for a healthy every day?

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