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Colorful five-grain rice bowl

Colorful five-grain rice bowl

Healthy Point

Five-grain rice is full of minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, and other nutrients that are important for a healthy, balanced diet. The rich flavours in every grain are simply satisfying.

Colorful five-grain rice bowl

58 minutes
(including 50 minutes to cook rice)

58 minutes (including 50 minutes to cook rice)

607 kcal per serving

607 kcal per serving



Rice bowl

  • 1 cupwhite rice, washed
  • 20 gfive-grain rice
  • 6boiled shrimps
  • 100 gavocado, sliced
  • 100 gred cabbage, shredded
  • 30 gred leaf lettuce
  • 8cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 80 gbroccoli, boiled and chopped
  • 5 gcilantro
  • 30 gwalnuts, chopped
  • 7 ggarden cress sprouts, cut off the roots
  • 1 tbspwhite wine vinegar
  • Pinch of salt


  • 80 gmayonnaise
  • 5 gwasabi (Japanese horseradish)
  • 1 tbspsoy sauce
  • Pinch of black pepper


• Place the white rice and five-grain rice in the rice cooker. Select the Grains Rice, add water up to White Rice Water Level 1, and cook.

• Place the red cabbage in a bowl. Add white wine vinegar and salt, rub into the cabbage, then strain out the liquid.

• Place a mound of cooked rice in the middle of the serving bowl.

• Around the edges of the rice, decoratively arrange the boiled shrimp, avocado slices, red cabbage, red leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cilantro, walnuts and garden cress.

• Mix all the dressing ingredients together and drizzle over the vegetables to serve.

Every grain, rich flavour.

• Diamond “Kamado” pan transmits heat to every grain
• Flat stainless steel frame is easy to clean

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(IH Rice Cooker SR-HB184)

Healthy steam, nutritious  dishes.

5-Layer IH brings out delicious flavours

Rice grains are uniformly heated from five different IH layers, including the lid, bringing out the flavours from each grain of rice. Combine delicious multigrain rice with a variety of delicious yet simple dishes to enjoy the ideal healthy meal!

5-Layer IH brings out  delicious flavours

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Healthy Everyday with Refrigerator

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