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Finger Potato Salad

Finger Potato Salad

Healthy Point

Quick, light bite-size party appetizer.
Hard-to-peal raw ham slices stored in Prime Fresh come apart easily for delicious and beautiful dishes.

Convenience of -3°C Prime Fresh
Easy to Separate
Finger Potato Salad main image

* This recipe requires Prime Fresh.

Cooking Time10 minutesDifficulty:Easy


  • 6 slicesraw ham
  • One package of commercially prepared potato salad
  • Chervil



Take out raw ham stored in Prime Fresh, peel one slice at a time and wrap potato salad.


Place some chervil on top to taste.

Prime Fresh

Cooking Tips Using -3°C Soft Freezing

Prime Fresh soft freezes and stores food in a way that isn’t completely frozen for a unique texture only slightly firmer than fridge storage. Thin slices of raw ham are hard to peel off one by one when stored in the fridge because they stick together, but it’s easy when stored in Prime Fresh thanks to this unique texture. 

Easy to Separate

Food soft frozen can be easily separated to use and eat piece by piece.

For rich-tasting highly nutritious juices.

You get rich, smooth juice filled with nutrition. You can also use the Frozen Attachment to make healthy desserts.  




It’s A Smart Juicer

Start each day “smart” not “slow”.
The MJ-L700 squeezes slowly,
gently extracting all of the sweet,
delicious taste from the ingredients.
Pulp is finely strained out for a silky smoothness.