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LUMIX GH5M2 Development Story x Takashima


| GH5M2 Development story

1 : Responding to the needs of the times and evolving ease of use

Date: 2021.09.02

Hello. I am Takashima, who was in charge of product planning for GH5M2.

The GH5M2 is a model that incorporates the evolution of video functions from the GH5 and a new function as LUMIX called wireless live streaming.
Since its release in 2017, the GH5 has been considered by many as the most advanced model in video performance.  Fortunately, the camera was widely accepeted as the go-to camera for video creators, not just by the proferssional videographers, but also by influencers on YouTube and other platforms, and also by those who wanted to start creating video content.

1 : Responding to the needs of the times and evolving ease of use

There are two successor models of GH5, GH5M2 and GH6. All the specs of the GH6 have not been disclosed yet, but as with the GH5 when it was released, it is being developed as a high-spec model packed with cutting-edge technology. The GH5M2 is an evolution of the GH5 that has been on the market for four years, develped for the ones who want to enjoy video shooting with up-to-date high capabilities but do not nessesarily need the at-most advanced technology.

1 : Responding to the needs of the times and evolving ease of use

When the GH5 was released, I was still a student, but as a camera user, I thought, "Wow, What a great camera!".  Ever since I was assigned to Product planning, it was one of my dreams to be in charge of the model with "H". My dream came true, but as this model was successor to the GH5, I was worried every day that I would disappoint customers during development.

During the development, the point I was particular about was to make the camera easy to use. The GH5M2 may not have the obvious evolution shown in the spec sheet, but it has been packed with functions that make it easy for customers to use.

On the hardware side, we've added a AR coat on the sensor to prevent ghosting and flaring, USB charging/power supply (compatible with power delivery), and other features you'll love. We believe that the evolution of image stabilization will make it easier to take pictures while holding the camera and expand the shooting scene. The LCD monitor also has improved visibility, making it easier to take pictures outdoors. The basic layout of the buttons has not changed, but the prints on the botton has been changed for more intuitive use.

1 : Responding to the needs of the times and evolving ease of use

The software side is also greatly improved. I think one of the strengths of LUMIX is its easy-to-use UI and assist function. In particular, the S1H of the S-series features not only an easy-to-use UI but also a variety of video assist functions, which are highy used & appreciated. The display of the red frame for video recording, which is popular in G100 and S5, is one of the functions that was first installed in the S1H. With such a variety of assist functions, the GH5M2 is a model that allows you to enjoy video shooting more than the GH5. V-log L is also pre-installed, so I encourage anyonne who want to start creating video content to try various kinds of shooting on GH5M2.

1 : Responding to the needs of the times and evolving ease of use

Another big feature is the wireless live streaming feature. Live streaming was originally something that was familiar to us, but with the pandemic, it became more popular. Online meetings became normal activity, so we released "LUMIX Webcam Software (Beta)" to accommodate the needs.  The use of live streaming is expanding, and so many people from individuals to businesses are doing live streaming. We believe this trend will continue post the pandemic.

There are many people who feel that even though live broadcasting has become familiar with smartphoens, it is thought to be difficult using a camera. However, a camera could provide high quality video and sound, and enjoy various expressions by changing the lens. So we decided to introduce a camera with wireless live streaming function that does not require any other equipment. I was particular about the operability such as the distribution setting can be easily done by the smartphone application "LUMIX Sync", so I would highly recommend to try it even if you are a beginner of live distribution.

1 : Responding to the needs of the times and evolving ease of use

In addition, with wireless connection, live broadcasts can be easily distributed while moving around or outdoors, which was not possible with conventional cameras. I would be happy if users who have already been doing live broadcasting could try a new style of live broadcasting.

We have already announced firmware updates for the GH5M2, but we will continue to evolve it to satisfy you.
I hope that GH5M2 will be able to serve as your partner.

GH5M2 Development Story