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LUMIX GH5M2 Development Story x Tsutsumi


| GH5M2 Development story

2 : Condensing four years of performance evolution in the GH5 body size

Date: 2021.09.02

Hello. I am Tsutsumi, GH5M2 project leader.

In developing the GH5M2, we focused on steadily improving the still image/video performance of the GH5 while allowing users to use it in the same sense and production environment as the GH5.

2 : Condensing four years of performance evolution in the GH5 body size

The GH5 is used by a wide range of users, and through our interviews, we discovered that each of them has their own unique environment. In order to use not only peripherals and accessories, but also assets such as battery grips, rigs and gimbals, and underwater housing, the basic performance has been improved by completely redesigning the internal hardware without changing the external shape.

The most important issue in realizing this was the limitation of the camera's internal mechanism. In order to improve basic performance, such as 4K 60p 10bit recording, further progress must be made in heat dissipation technology. This must be done within the same body size/design as the GH5. In other words, you can't change the mechanism inside the camera much.

2 : Condensing four years of performance evolution in the GH5 body size

So we started by redesigning the GH5.
While looking at the components of the GH5, we reviewed the design data, verified it, and looked for points that could be improved in detail. However, the heat dissipation design of the GH5 was highly complete (which led to a high evaluation of reliability by users), and it was difficult to find any gaps in improvement.
On the other hand, if a large-scale heat dissipation countermeasure is introduced, the body size and design will be affected.

At one point, the camera was about to hit a rock, but we started to simulate the temperature inside the camera by utilizing the heat dissipation design technology that we have steadily cultivated in the S series after the GH5. The members repeatedly verified and discussed the trend of temperature change and heat transfer for each part inside the camera under various conditions such as operating mode and electricity.
As a result of this detailed and steady effort, we discovered a new heat dissipation space that can improve the thermal balance inside the camera. The members of the circuit design, mechanical design, and chassis design worked together to come up with countermeasures from all angles in this space, and while making use of the internal structure of the GH5, they were able to construct a highly effective heat dissipation path.

2 : Condensing four years of performance evolution in the GH5 body size

In parallel with the establishment of the heat dissipation structure, we also worked on the evolution of basic performance. Specifically, it was necessary to update the image processing engine and to upgrade the electrical circuit from the GH5 to support new functions such as charging/power supply and live streaming functions compatible with the USB PD standard. Of course, it has to be packed into the same size as the GH5's electrical circuitry.
When the design was started, the circuit scale of the new function was large, and it was difficult to realize it at the same size. Therefore, we established a new electric circuit by optimizing the circuit scale, downsizing and reducing the size of IC/electric components, and reviewing the wiring with the technical members of the factory. In addition, the functions and performance of the GH5M2 are realized with changing the individual adjustment method in the factory.

2 : Condensing four years of performance evolution in the GH5 body size

Starting with a doubt about past performance, the GH5M2 has struggled with difficult issues, but has not given up, and as a result of persistent discussion and verification, it has evolved into hardware that combines high basic performance and reliability, and can be used for future firmware updates.
With the new feature of live streaming function, this model can be used for a long time while making the most of the user's environment.

The GH5M2 promises to continue supporting you for a long time and broaden your range of expression as a partner who can trust you to record anytime, anywhere.

GH5M2 Development Story