Eat fresh. Store smart

Eat fresh. Store smart.

Doing groceries is easy, but storing it correctly isn’t quite so. The refrigerator may be working fine, but many a time, the food may be rotting inside because it has been randomly stashed in. Knowing how to organise foodstuff efficiently and effectively not only preserves its freshness and flavour, but also makes it last longer. Learn these simple tips and tricks to make best use of your cooling machine.


Keep fruits and veggies garden fresh

Always store your vegetables in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. Fruits and vegetables release heat and gases as they ripen. The key to preserving their freshness is to store the similar stuff together, meaning, store the oranges with oranges, peppers with peppers and so on. Never wash them before storing as the dampness attracts bacteria.

Make crystal clear ice cubes

Clear transparent ice beautifies the mood of romantic dinners and other special occasions. Ever wondered how restaurants serve such perfect cubes? It’s easy. The best cubes are made from water with the least amount of dissolved gases. To make this possible, boil tap water. Then cool it while placing a lid over it to prevent dust and other impurities from entering in. Pour the water over ice trays and leave to freeze for crystal clear ice cubes.

Organise your foodstuff

Every different type of food inside your cold storage has its own unique set of storage requirements.



Milk enclosed in cardboard cartons is more susceptible to bacteria. Plastic milk bottles are a safer alternative. Always make sure the lid is tightly capped to prevent exposure to air.


Meat, fish and poultry

Try keeping all fresh meat, fish and poultry items in their store wrapping. Rewrapping increases risk of contamination. Slide a tray underneath to catch any dripping.



Use air tight bags or containers to store your leftover food. Always pack your leftovers within two hours of cooking to ensure they remain fresh and healthy for longer durations.