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New Air Conditioners provides cool comfort in the living space by combining the best of Panasonic technologies.

Petaling Jaya, 10 December 2014 - Panasonic Malaysia launched a total of 21 new models of Air Conditioners focusing on providing cool comfort for every home. Introduced today was a new feature, iAuto-X which is a fast cooling technology. This feature enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time for optimum performance. Combining this with Panasonic technologies, Econavi, Inverter and nanoe-G, the new series of Air Conditioners provides a more powerful cooling performance with energy savings up to 65%.

“There is a big importance for Panasonic to provide our customers with fast and effective cooling solutions which is very useful here in a warm country like Malaysia. And as the years go by, a great emphasis have been placed on living in a fresher and cleaner environment” said Yosuke Matsunaga, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

“Recognizing the need for a cost effective cooling solution which provides a clean living environment, our Air Conditioners are designed to give remarkable energy saving performance while ensuring comfort in any home“. added Matsunaga.

The complete Air Conditioner line-up is categorized into 3 key series which are :

  1. Premium Inverter Deluxe series - total of 6 models

  2. Deluxe Non Inverter series - total of 5 models

  3. Standard Non Inverter series - total of 10 models

The main highlight of the launch was the Premium Inverter Deluxe series. Key important features are:

1. Econavi & Inverter
Maximum energy savings with ECONAVI Intelligent Eco Sensors which detects Human Activity Levels, and Sunlight Intensity, then send this information to Inverter which varies compressor rotation speed to optimize cooling operation. This perfect match of ECONAVI & Inverter saves up to 65% energy savings.

2. iAuto-X
This feature lets the user enjoy faster and stronger cooling from the moment the Air Conditioner is switched on. The Panasonic Thermal Enhancement Technology (P-TECh), enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time from start up.

3. Aerowings
A new feature is the Aerowings Twin Flaps (Inner and Outer Flap). At start up, these Twin Flaps will direct concentrated airflow towards users, for a quick cool down. After the set temperature is reached, the second Aerowings will automatically REDIRECT and send airflow upwards to ceiling level. This can help cool air to be distributed further and more evenly across the entire room.

4. nanoe-G
Panasonic Air Conditioners are equipped with nanoe-G Air purification system. Nanoe-G releases 3 trillion negative ions to remove harmful particles and also deodorizes adhesive odors that are attached to surfaces. 

5. R410A
By 1st July 2015, all Air Conditioner Manufacturing bodies in Malaysia will stop producing products running on HCFC refrigerant, which includes R22 type, widely used by many manufacturers. In compliance with this regulation, Panasonic substituted all the air conditioners to run on R410a, an eco friendly refrigerant.

“Our Premium Inverter Deluxe series are classified under the 5-star product rating for its high energy efficient performance, awarded by Malaysia Energy Commissions. This further seals our commitment to provide top notch, high quality Air Conditioners which intelligently adjust cooling power to save energy efficiently” said Matsunaga.

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