Introducing the new Panasonic Premium Range
Obsessed with Perfection

Petaling Jaya, 23 March 2016 - Panasonic Malaysia today launched a premium range of products that combines distinctive Japanese craftsmanship and aesthetic design with revolutionary Japanese technology. This new range is known as the Shokunin Collection.

Mr. Cheng Chee Chung, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia said “Panasonic will embark on Premium Marketing in 2016 by offering more choices to our customers through the Shokunin Collection. This collection targets affluent Malaysians who have a strong refined appreciation for design intricacies that complement their discerning taste and lifestyle.”

In the Japanese language the Shokunin is a craftsman, an artist of the highest order. The spirit of Shokunin embraces the joy of creation, the intention of doing it carefully, beautifully to the best of one’s ability. He does what he does as a social obligation – for the betterment of people.

Panasonic believes that the Shokunin code of ethics accurately reflects the commitment and persistence of the product design team in developing products with superior aesthetics and functionality. This philosophy is best summed up by the Shokunin Collection’s tagline: Obsessed with Perfection.

The products listed in this collection are as follows:

Sky Series Air conditioner (CS/CU-VS10SKH)
A revolutionary cooling method, the Sky Series draws inspiration from the naturally cooling dynamics of caves.

Refrigerator (NR-F681GT-X)
Premium multi-door elegance and gorgeous full-flat reflective glass makes this is an elegant, stylish design that will fit a high-end lifestyle perfectly.

Washing Machine (Cuble) (NA-D106X1)
Sleek lines merge effortlessly to form a stylish cuboid washer that complements any space.

Vacuum Cleaner (RULO) (MC-RS1)
Captivating and revolutionary, the curved triangular shape is designed to conquer every corner effortlessly.

Viera TV (TH-65DX900K/700K)
The Viera TV preserves and amplifies the subtle nuances for a captivating, aesthetically breath-taking viewing experience.

Air Purifier (F-VK 655)
This Air Purifier features a sophisticated flat panel design and refreshingly sleek lines that magnifies the presence of touch screen technology for convenience and ease of use.

IH Rice Cooker (SR-HB184)
Diamond reinforced fluorocarbon coating heats and cooks every grain of rice to fluffy perfection.

A distinctively smooth finish and crystalized glass top surface that brings sophistication and elegance to any home.

Microwave Oven (NN-CS894B)
Precise microwave technology is paired with an advanced electrostatic touch panel interface on a single sheet of glass.

Each of the models above are equipped with the latest and most innovative Japanese technologies while also maintaining a high level of craftsmanship that focuses on design and aesthetically qualities.

Recent trends have shown that high value design-centric products have increasingly gained traction, evident from other categories such as cars and even furniture. The Shokunin Collection will fulfil this demand within the consumer electronics space.

Cheng added, “Panasonic aims to target a growth of 105% compared to last year in the fiscal year 2016 and we believe that the Shokunin Collection will help us reach this goal. By providing our customers with choices according to respective budgets, we hope to be able to provide satisfaction and joy to all Malaysian families.”

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