Make Beautiful Happen
A beauty journey with Panasonic Beauty

Kuala Lumpur, 16 May 2016 – Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd launched new products in the Beauty Care product segment, further enhancing its total line up, providing convenience and effectiveness for smooth and radiant skin.

Make Beautiful Happen, Panasonic Beauty’s theme was launched in 2015. This slogan aims at promoting beauty in a bigger picture as beauty encompasses every aspects of one’s life and not looks alone.

“Beauty is all around us, and can be beautiful moments or acts of beauty. Sometimes it’s up to us to make it happen.”

Bearing this in mind, Panasonic Beauty would like to equip Malaysian women with knowledge and tips on how to look good. This is the first step towards creating a beautiful environment by spreading the joy of making oneself beautiful.

In order to share Panasonic’s passion for beauty, several Beauty Lounges (workshops) were organised to continuously introduce and share new and exciting beauty products. The first workshop was held 3 years ago and Panasonic is committed to continue this activity and spread beauty to all Malaysians.

3 new products were introduced to several popular Beauty Bloggers and major news publications. A handson demonstration was conducted to provide the audience with real-life experience on the superiority of Panasonic Beauty’s products.

The 3 new products introduced today comprises 2 Face Care models and 1 Hair Care model. They are:

  1. Micro Foaming Cleansing Device, EH-SC50, RM 499
    Its extremely fine and high density micro-foam and soft brush functions effectively remove dirt and oil, deeply cleansing and purifying pores without irritating the skin. An additional function to remove make-up is also available, using a warming head with gel/cream based make-up remover. Total cleansing built into a single unit.  

  2. Ionic Cleansing and Toning Device, EH-ST50, RM 559
    This device uses ionic power to allow moisturising ingredients to deeply penetrate into the skin. The ionic flow from ‘+’ to ‘–‘ pole causes ions to move and creates water flow which infuses the hydrating ingredients deep into the epidermis. Its triangle head provides warm rhythmic massage, allowing an intense moisturising effect.

  3. Styling Brush Iron, EH-HT40, RM 199
    A new category in the Hair Care category, this brush is easy to use and creates airy large curls, resulting in beautiful volume for the hair. With 2 temperature settings, this brush can be adjusted according to the desired type and style.

“Panasonic will continue to introduce beauty products that will benefit our customers. Every year we strive to provide convenience to our customers and introduce more products to enhance the lives of Malaysians, in particular, Malaysian women,” said Cheng Chee Chung, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

He added, “For us in Malaysia, in 2016, one of the key markets we are targeting are women. Being influential buyers in any household, we believe that by constantly introducing new and innovative products, we can expand our brand further. Malaysian women are also successful and hold high positions. With their busy lifestyles, we believe that Panasonic Beauty can assist them to maintain their beauty regime in the most effective and efficient manner.”

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