New Hair Straightener EH-HS99 with nanoe™ care Featuring High Straightening Performance and Instant, Effortless Styling

Multi-Styling Straightener EH-HS99 - Panasonic Malaysia


        Panasonic introduces the nanoeTM Hair Straightener EH-HS99, enabling instant hair straightening that lasts from morning to night. For daily Hair Straightener users, hair damage is a major concern, so Panasonic incorporates its nanoeTM technology into the Hair Straightener to achieve hair styling with care. With this nanoeTM effect, moisture is delivered to the hair for a silky, shiny finish. Designed for superior comfort with no irritation, the Hair Straightener EH-HS99 realizes ideal hair styling effortlessly.

Instant styling and long-lasting straightening

Instant styling and long-lasting straightening

The nanoeTM Hair Straightener EH-HS99 integrates high-performance plates for instant styling. Boasting a maximum 230-degree C temperature, these heating plates excel in thermal conductivity, achieving uniformly heated plates from corner to corner. Furthermore, an Advanced Stable Heater prevents temperature drops to keep it consistently heated. The result is powerfully straightened hair that lasts approximately 20%*1*2 longer and approximately 20%*1*3 shorter straightening time.

*1 Test results by SGS, Compared with Panasonic EH-HS95 at temperature setting of 200-degree C.
*2 Test on the time taken to straighten 10 hair bundles each.
*3 Straightening sustainability test by straightening 10 hair bundles at 1 stroke each.

A shiny and silky finish with unique nanoeTM

A shiny and silky finish with unique nanoeTM

Daily hair straightener use tends to cause severe hair damage. To avoid such a problem, Panasonic integrates a unique nanoe™ technology in to the hair straightener. nanoe™ are ultrafine particles of water that penetrate the hair through extremely small cracks in the cuticle and then tighten it. nanoe™ contains approximately1,000 times* more moisture than ions allowing to provide moisture to your hair while styling.
Delivered from a dedicated outlet, nanoe™ gives a silky and shiny finish to the hair.

Relative value determined from volume

Photo Ceramic Plate for color-fade prevention

Photo Ceramic Plate for color-fade prevention

The EH-HS99 Hair Straightener uses fine Photo Ceramic Plates that suppress color-fading by approximately 30%*1*2 while reducing moisture loss by approximately 20%*1*3. Hair damage is minimized even when used daily.

*1 Test results by SGS, Compared with Panasonic EH-HS95 at temperature setting of 200-degree C.
*2 The hair bundle weight change before and after straightening 1 stroke.
*3 Test on the hair bundle color change after 2 months of usage.

Functional design for easy use

Functional design for easy use

The Hair Straightener EH-HS99 is designed for comfortable use to achieve ideal hair styling for every user.
The compact head makes it easy to slide along the hair root to straighten the hair from the root. It also offers an excellent hold on the hair with uniform tension while sliding it all the way to the tips with excellent smoothness. The rounded shape with a dimple to place thumb on provides an easy, comfortable grip while styling.

        Panasonic is committed to encouraging effortless beauty for women, and enriching people's lives, by introducing a wide range of home products designed and developed under strict quality and safety controls.



Temperature Setting
(Degree C)

5 settings

Plate Size

Length: 95mm


Photo Ceramic Plate

Ionic function


Even Heat Distribution Plate


Advanced Stable Heater


Universal Voltage

AC100-120V, AC220-240V

Ready to use in
(Time to reach to 100-degree C)

30 sec

Power Cord Length


Auto Switch Off

After 60 min

Lock System


Body Size (WxHxD)

33mm x 287mm x 45mm


Approx. 280g
Without cord

• Specifications are subject to change without notice.
• The effect may vary depending on the hair condition of the person.