New Range of Seamless Sleek Refrigerators Adds Style to Panasonic Product Line Up

Petaling Jaya, 15 September 2015 - Panasonic Malaysia launched a brand new series of flat design refrigerators aimed at boosting sales in the second half of fiscal year 2015. Adding to the current lineup of 19 models, Panasonic will be launching an additional 7 models to make a total of 26 models, giving Malaysians wider options.

Packed with top notch features, the refrigerators are made to look sophisticated with its premium flat design boasting simple glass doors that provides an esthetically pleasant appearance. 5 out of the 7 new models have the glass finish which makes it durable and easy-to-clean. A key model that was introduced was Panasonic’s new French Door model which is elegant looking, made to cater to the young and stylish Malaysians. With the new stylish exterior design, the new French Door model is suitable for homes which are limited in space as it takes up very little space when opened.

“With the introduction of these new models, we aim to strengthen our line up by providing ample choices for our consumers. We are confident that we can register sales growth with the introduction of these new models’’ said Cheng Chee Chung, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

“We aim to regain the no.1 market share in the refrigerators’ market by providing Malaysians with a wide variety of refrigerators which have stylish designs. Apart from improving our design, it has always been a known fact that our refrigerators have superior features like Econavi, Inverter and Prime Fresh, to name a few,” added Cheng.

Some of the key features of our refrigerators are:

  1. Inverter - All the new refrigerators comes with Inverter compressor which allows automatic adjustment of energy consumption for energy saving.
  2. Econavi - Adapts to the users’ lifestyle and measures the different aspects of the usage with intelligent and ECO sensors to work out an energy saving pattern according to the user’s daily life.
  3. Prime Fresh - Freezes food at -3 degrees Celsius where the outer layer of the food is slightly frozen. This creates a barrier, sealing in the flavor and freshness. Food can also be kept fresh longer, up till 7 days while minimizing the spread of food odor.
  4. Vitaminsafe - A feature only available in the CY series models, this is a system of flashing green and blue LEDs in the vegetable compartment that protects the vitamin content of fruits and vegetables in storage.

Cheng added “In 2015, we will have a total of 26 models of refrigerators for consumers to choose from. Consumers can choose their refrigerators according to their needs and lifestyles. With the new premium flat design, we are confident that our consumers will be able to find their preferred models.”

Echoing Panasonic’s global slogan, “A Better Life A Better World”, Panasonic Malaysia is determined to continuously contribute to the local communities by providing excellent products and services. This is in line with Panasonic Malaysia’s tagline of “Enriching the Lives of Malaysian Families.” 

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