Panasonic celebrates its 100 millionth compressor production in Malaysia with 44 years of history

Shah Alam, 8 October 2016 - Panasonic Appliances Air Conditioning Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PAPAMY), a company that produces air conditioners and compressors recently reached the 100 millionth mark in the production of compressors.

PAPAMY manufactures more than 500 models of compressors for the air conditioning industry for both residential and commercial applications. Panasonic’s compressors are used in the production of all Panasonic Air-Conditioners such as the recently launched SKY SERIES ELITE INVERTER Room Air Conditioner. For the commercial application, FSV EX is Panasonic’s signature VRF Air conditioners offering extraordinary energy saving performance in both full load and part load operations.

The company invited the Panasonic Corporation Japan Executive Vice President Mr. Kazunori Takami to witness this inaugural celebration, together with more than 3200 employees as a BIG FAMILY of PAPAMY.

Managing Director of PAPAMY, Mr. Hiroyuki Iwaki said “Panasonic strongly believe in our founder’s philosophy in making people before products”. “Our employees are our most valuable assets because they are critical to drive innovations, foster the culture of team work and create excellence in the business operations. This is especially important in a multi-cultural country like Malaysia”, added Mr. Iwaki.

Starting its first production in 1972, PAPAMY has long established its foot print in Malaysia to strive as the most preferred air conditioner and compressor manufacturer, being the number 1 choice of the customers. PAPAMY, with a strong work force, contributes to the society by providing job opportunities to Malaysians.

PAPAMY has grown from strength to strength, with a forecasted production growth of 117% (quantity based) for FY2016. The production is expected to continue to escalate in the coming years, catering to the aggressive expansion of Asian market. Panasonic compressors are made solely for air conditioners with a breakdown of sales distribution of 70% for production of Panasonic air conditioners in Malaysia and 30% for other destinations (local & overseas).

Panasonic Compressor Division’s vision is to be the most preferred compressor supplier complementing the air conditioning industry as a one stop solution provider, offering end to end services & solutions, being the customers’ first choice. Panasonic pledges to continuously produce strong products by increasing the R&D efforts to cater to the global markets.

PAPAMY looks forward to the future with optimism and motivation to take Panasonic to the next 100 millionth compressor productions. “PAPAMY will further lead the growth of air conditioning industry with enhanced quality, high performance and durable compressors”, said Mr. Iwaki.

Taking this opportunity, PAPAMY extends heartfelt appreciation to all its Panasonic staff, business partners and customers for their support and loyalty towards Panasonic Brand.

Thank you for making Panasonic your preferred household brand especially for air conditioners!

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