Panasonic launched the Game Changer, FSV-EX system

Subang Jaya, 16 January 2015 – Panasonic Appliance Air Conditioning System Engineering Malaysia (PAPASEMY), a company passionate in providing effective and innovative airconditioning solutions to all building owners, introduced its newest Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) commercial air-conditioning system, the FSV-Eco Extreme (EX) system.

The FSV-EX is a new, ground breaking Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system that has been engineered to take energy efficiency to an entirely different level. It introduces this paradigm shift in performance by delivering:

  • The highest EER(Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating in all outdoor capacities
  • High efficiency for part load operations that match the customer’s actual environment of use
  • High durability with strong cooling power even when operating at high ambient temperature and is designed with an extended operation range of up to 52°C

The official launch was held at the Grand Ballroom of Grand Dorsett Hotel Subang Jaya with state-of-the-art presentation, using advanced 3D projection mapping technology to illustrate the system’s features and benefits.

Some of the key innovations of the FSV-EX that dramatically reduce energy costs are:

New dual large capacity all Inverter Compressors

This system is designed with new all-Inverter compressors that can be independently controlled to deliver highly flexible performances.

• Enlarged heat exchanger surface with triple-surface

The heat exchangers have been redesigned to maximise surface area. Compared to current dual-surface models, there is no division of space and the area for the heat exchanger is much larger, thus allowing for improved heat transfer.

• Newly designed curved air discharge bell-mouth for better aerodynamics

The new curve shape of the bell mouth (air outlet of VRF) with integrated top and bottom assures smooth exhaust flow. This provides more air-volume with the same sound level, and less power input at the same air volume!

• Superior Oil Recovery Management

Unlike a regular VRF system that wastes energy by recovering oil from indoor units, the FSV-EX features a 3 stage oil recovery design that’s able to minimise the frequency of forced oil recovery thus leading to reduced energy costs and sustained comfort.

“I want to give the Air-Conditioner Company a clear mission and our major goal is to become a specialized air conditioner company that benefits the society.” said Mr Hiroshi Komatsubara, Managing Director of Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning System Engineering Malaysia (PAPASEMY), as he shared his vision that aims to develop products that fully address customers’ needs, and provide comfortable, healthy and reliable air-conditioning all over the world.

Panasonic recently announced its global target of ¥700 billion (about USD5.8 billion) in sales for its air-conditioner business in fiscal 2018 (end March 2019), a 52% increase over sales in fiscal 2014. As one of the actions in accelerating the business expansion in Malaysia, it established a new Commercial Air-Conditioner dedicated sales company called PAPASEMY, leveraging VRF segment with projects, targeting a revenue of RM 800 mil (includes sales for Room Air Conditioners and VRF systems) in 2018. On top of that, one of the main goals is to gain major market share in the commercial air conditioning system segment.


PAPASEMY is a one-stop BtoB solution center for commercial air-conditioning systems that unifies the sales and engineering teams for building owners, developers and corporations covering: Research & Development, Manufacturing, AC Design & Planning, Corporate Planning, Sales, Logistics, Delivery and After Sales Services. For more information on PAPASEMY Services, please call us at 03-7956 4188.

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