Petaling Jaya, 27 March, 2013 – Panasonic is pleased to introduce a new Smart VIERA Plasma TV that combines smart functions with high picture quality. The new VIERA Plasma TV has brought major advances to television. It optimizes the four key factors of black reproduction, motion, gradation and color reproduction to create high picture quality.
Networking functions have also evolved. "my Home Screen" provides instant access to your favorite content on a personalized TV screen. "Voice Interaction" lets you intuitively control the TV. And “Swipe & Share 2.0” makes it easy to link the TV with a smartphone or tablet and share photos, videos, and web pages with family and friends. VIERA's new viewing and operating styles make your TV entertainment even more comfortable, and lots more fun. And all of this high performance is highlighted by a functional and beautiful design.

my Home Screen

The portal screen menu leads you to a wide variety of content in addition to TV, including internet videos and photos. You have complete access to it all as soon as you turn on the TV.
* Not available in the S/X Series.

Voice Interaction
By simply saying a key word into the Touch Pad Controller or smartphone, the search result is displayed on-screen and verbally read out. It's like operating the TV by talking to it. Its Voice Guidance function is also at your service.
* Only available in the VT Series.
** "VIERA remote 2" must be installed for smartphone use.

Swipe & Share 2.0
By linking a smartphone or tablet device to the TV, you can freely share content and achieve easy operation.
* Not available in the X Series.

3000 Focused Field Drive
- Crisp, Clear Moving Pictures
A combination of original phosphors and drive technologies enable high motion-image performance. Sub-field drive control with a short light emission of 1/3,000th of second produces crisp, clear moving pictures with minimal afterimages. Great for dynamic sports scenes and breathtaking fast-action shots.
* Only available in the VT Series.

Infinite Black - Rendering the Ultimate in Deep Blacks
Improvements to the pre-discharge control, which can cause blocked shadows, have enabled deeper, jet-black shades. Even in brightly lit living rooms, deep areas and fine textures within dark scenes are rendered with meticulous detail.
* Not available in the S/X Series.

30720 Super Gradations - Smooth, Velvety Gradation
Increasing the number of sub-fields has allowed us to control the emitted light in 30,720 steps for smoother gradation. The light emission of each individual cell is precisely controlled to achieve highly nuanced gradation. From jet black to brilliant white, you get rich textures and smooth gradation.
* Only available in the VT Series.

DCI 98% Color Space - Realistic Colors from a Wide Color Gamut
A dramatic improvement in the color purity of the red phosphor has further expanded the color gamut. It now covers 98% of DCI studio standards and 122% of ITU standards. It ensures full reproduction of vivid colors from all sorts of image sources.
* Only available in the VT Series.


VT Series
[TC-P65VT60, TC-P60VT60, TC-P55VT60]
VT Series models offer supreme picture quality with complete network functions. This includes top-end plasma TV picture quality and the newest smart functions, with side speakers to improve the surround effect and lifelike ambience.

ST Series
[TC-P65ST60, TC-P60 ST 60, TC-P55ST60, TC-P50ST60]
ST Series models deliver smart connectivity with Full-HD 3D images. They are standard models with high 3D picture quality and smart, versatile functions in a stylish body.

S Series
[TC-P65S60, TC-P60S60, TC-P55S60, TC-P50S60, TC-P42S60]
S Series models are a popular Full-HD line featuring Full-HD plasma TV image quality with easy smart network connectivity. It is also an easy first step into smart TV enjoyment.

X Series
[TC-P50X60, TC-P42X60]
X Series models offer a great first step into plasma picture quality. Easy HD entry with plasma TV picture quality at a reasonable price.

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