LUMIX Ambassadors

LUMIX Ambassadors

Emily Skye

| CITY | Lake Worth, FL | COUNTRY | US

Emily Skye was born on December 8th 1985 in Blackpool, England. She is known for Writing, Directing and being the DP on her feature film River (being released worldwide July 2021), which she filmed September 2020, during the pandemic. She won over 18 awards for her short film of River, filmed May 2020, which is on DUST, Hollyshorts Bitpix to name a few. Emily has a highly anticipated Whiskey Docuseries adventure called Binders Stash coming out fall 2021. She also owns the IP of a worldwide phenomenon book series called Significance, which is in development.

Seeing the need within the filmmaking community on social media, Emily became a mentor on Industry Jump, coaching women in film, soon branching out and created a tribe called #shefilmtribe on Instagram. This is a safe place for women to come together, encourage, love and talk. Women from all over the world in the industry have joined the sisterhood.

Style of Videography

| Action and Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Drama | Historical | Horror | Science Fiction | Western | Commercial | Music Video |

| Documentary | Reality | Lifestyle | Travel | Talk Show | Competition |