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How to choose your TV?

How to choose your TV?

Panasonic OLED TVs

Introducing the new OLED television, featuring Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode
with intelligent sensing to truly bring a Hollywood cinema experience in your home.

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How to choose the ideal OLED TV size?

1. How to choose the ideal OLED TV size?

We help you choose the most suitable OLED TV size for you and your home, and we will tell you everything you should consider before buying one.
For example, it depends on the place where you want to place it, the distance from TV you are going to watch.

Choose your screen technology

2. Choose your screen technology

OLED with deeper blacks, vibrant colours, contrast and perfect viewing angles
makes astonishingly accurate viewing experience,
thus LED TVS offer fantastic brightness, colour and performance.

Consider picture quality

3. Consider picture quality

What is the difference between a 4K TV and a FULL HD TV?
The answer is the number of pixels.
Full HD televisions have 1080 pixel lines and a resolution of 1920x1080.
However, 4K TVs offer newer technology and their pixel is 3840x2160.
The picture of a 4K TV is, to put it simply, four times sharper than the Full HD,
which means you can enjoy sharper and clearer viewing experience with 4K TV.

Enjoy in any lighting condition

4. Enjoy in any lighting condition

Don’t you think OLED is not suitable for bright room?
Panasonic new OLED series has new picture modes which are Dolby Vision IQ and Film maker mode with intelligent sensing.
You can enjoy brilliant picture quality both dark and bright room.

Consider sound quality

5. Consider sound quality

If you want to enjoy cinema quality sound at home, Panasonic TVs are great TVs which are equipped with built-in upward-firing speakers able to produce Dolby Atmos®.
It uses several speakers to produce a spherical and immersive sound, especially for sound that creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience.
You will not only hear the difference; you will feel the difference.


Do you want to extend the number of speakers?
Panasonic Dolby Atmos compatible sound bars renew home movie viewing by providing exceptional sound quality, immersive sound very close to reality. The new Dolby Atmos compatible sound bars from Panasonic combine aesthetics and performance to give you an unforgettable sound experience.

Blue-ray player

6. Consider our reference class blu-ray player

Discover the best Panasonic player.
The latest processor technology of the Ultra HD Blu-ray Player brings every little detail with a wide range of colours,
extreme naturalness and breath-taking contrast to your 4K television.
The high-quality audio section and versatile connections,
which are otherwise only used in high-end audio system, guarantee breath-taking music and film sound reproduction.

More about picture quality


Netflix share a long history of working together, delivering entertainment in the best possible quality. Through this close partnership, Panasonic OLED televisions will now have the capability to feature Netflix TV shows and films in the truest form.

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What is HDR?

High dynamic range televisions can display a much wider range of brightness and colour than the TVs we’re used to. The result is punchy, vivid pictures that look much more like the way our eyes see the real world.

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Want high-octane gaming? Our new 4K TVs are compatible with the Latest gaming consoles and PCs, designed to capture fast on-screen action and deliver it smoothly – so you never miss a thing. Placing you right in the centre of the action, with fast reaction times and incredible detail. Add impressive sound capabilities – so you can hear approaching your enemies and react with game-winning speed. Immerse yourself in next-generation gaming and feel the rush – every time.

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What makes a true cinema experience?

We know the creative people involved in movie-making—the directors, studio personnel, and colourists—are passionate about their art. They have specific ideas about the colours and imagery they want viewers to see. Our mission is to deliver cinema quality content to move and inspire you, just as the creators intended. With 2020 upon us, we’re taking the concept of cinema picture quality, developed in collaboration with entertainment professionals, and raising it to the next level.

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