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Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel, Indonesia

Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel (Indonesia)

Air Conditioning System: VRF 2-Way FSV ME1 Series: 14 outdoor units
Cooling Capacity: 677 kW / 193 USRT
Indoor Units:
High- & Mid-static Ducted: 94 units
4-Way Cassette: 17 units
Wall Mounted: 21 units
Control System:
Wired Remote Controller: 132 units

This hotel in Bandung is part of the Patra Jasa hotel chain, which operates in many locations around Indonesia. Opened in 2012, the hotel has 85 guest rooms shared across two buildings, with all of the hotel’s facilities housed in one of those buildings. Here, Panasonic’s DC motor mid-static ducted indoor units work to make guest rooms quiet and comfortable.

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