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Aged Care Facility nanoe™ X Project, Japan

Providing greater comfort in the golden years

Residents, staff and visitors all need a nursing home to be fresh and comfortable.
At one small facility, nanoe™ X works quietly to maintain the right environment.

An image of installed 4 way cassette air conditioner with nanoeX logo

Kagoya Life Nursing Home for Seniors, Asagao Group

Testimonial by Tamaki Nishikawa, Manager of Care Services

An image of a nursing home for the elderly KAGOYA LIFE and description

By installing air conditioners with nanoe™ X in all common areas,
Kagoya Life provides the most comfortable environment possible.

When not just any air conditioner will do.
High standards of quietness and durability are prerequisites for the care sector.

Opened by the Asagao Group in April 2020, Kagoya Life is a small-scale community-based care facility for the elderly in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, with 29 private rooms. During construction, we installed Panasonic commercial air conditioners in our common areas and corridors, and individual air conditioners in private rooms.

One reason for choosing Panasonic was quietness. As people age, the sound of an air conditioner may be perceived as a ringing in the ears. Care home residents can be disturbed by even the slightest of sounds. Panasonic air conditioners produce very little mechanical noise, leaving residents in peace and comfort.

Another reason was our long experience with the Panasonic brand. Having used their products for many years in other Asagao Group facilities, we knew that they can be relied on to keep on working. This trust was a decisive factor, as we cannot risk rooms becoming unusable due to a mechanical breakdown.

An image of installed 2-way cassette air conditioner

No compromise in creating comfort.
Solving issues particular to care facilities, such as odours, bacteria and viruses

Odour control is a high priority for care facilities. While residents and staff may become accustomed to the odour of adult diapers and the like, it can be unpleasant for family members and other visitors. To ensure everyone’s comfort and well-being, we do all we can to inhibit odours, bacteria and viruses. Along with daily disinfection, Kagoya Life depends on air conditioners and air purifiers to keep the environment fresh and clean. Panasonic air conditioners with nanoe™ X are proven to be effective in deodorising and inhibiting bacteria.

An image of installed 4-way cassette air conditioner

Stylish design, so residents can enjoy their surroundings

Through appealing, tasteful design, the Asagao Group aims to change the conventional perception of care homes. The interior of Kagoya Life makes liberal use of wood, adding warmth to a sense of openness. Our designers worked to coordinate our air conditioning system with the interior as well as the exterior. Outdoor units are located out of view below windowsills, while a wall around the exterior of the facility dampens noise leakage and conceals them from the outside.

An image of installed outdoor units

Products installed:
4-Way Cassette air conditioners (2 sets)
4-Way Cassette air conditioners (Twin) (6 sets)
4-Way Cassette air conditioners (Triple) (1 set)
2-Way Cassette air conditioners (3 sets)

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