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WDS Call Centre, UK

WDS Call Centre

Panasonic was called upon by Woodhouse Environmental Services Ltd to provide equipment for call centre giant, WDS, to retrofit its busy offices with an energy-efficient Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Working against strict time and space constraints, Panasonic’s VRF systems coupled with large ducted and wall mounted indoor units were specified for a quick, simple and energy efficient install.  

WDS negotiated with the building owners, St Modwen Properties PLC, a multi-million pound property development and investment company, to redevelop one of three buildings at the Discovery Court Business Centre in Bournemouth.  

With the brief to remove and replace the old, existing system with a high-performance, easy-to-install HVAC system, the design and build contractor, Woodhouse Environmental Services Ltd, required a product that offered a large selection of different units, providing a maximum performance system to cater for this large building.  

WDS Call Centre (a part of the Xerox group) provides customer service solutions to some of the world’s best known technology and communications brands including Tesco mobile, Google and many other blue-chip brands.  

This complete system would need to cater for the high density office, providing exceptional heating and cooling efficiencies whilst maintaining close conditions, introducing continuous fresh air and removing stale exhaust air, ensuring a comfortable work environment at ideal temperatures. The install was to be undertaken whilst the tenants were still in residence.  This meant that it was imperative for staff disruption levels to be kept to an absolute minimum.  

Woodhouse Environmental Services initiated a fast track install programme between June 2013 and October 2013, splitting the renovation into three phases to cover each ‘zone’ of the building, satisfying a tight budget, and remaining within the allocated time.  

In the first phase, Panasonic’s integrated VRF and heat recovery ventilation systems were installed to replace the existing air cooled chilled water system operating on R22 along with a ducted fan coil system, which no longer provided the efficient and reliable service in this demanding application. Specifying Panasonic’s VRF unit made for an all-round easy-to-use system, whilst it’s clever, innovative integrated technologies meant wasted energy was avoided and significant savings could be made on the buildings annual energy bills. Additional extras including an energy monitoring touch screen control with multi-zone temperature adjustment, making this Panasonic system the efficient, ideal replacement that was so desired.  

As part of the second and third phases, Panasonic’s ducted indoor and wall mounted units were also incorporated in the building refurbishment. Not only were these systems integrated to provide fresh air input and stale air removal, but they also fitted the outlined noise criteria. Panasonic was able to supply all of this equipment on short notice so as not to delay the project.  

As a result, Panasonic proved to provide the most energy efficient units on the market, suitable for this large-scale project. With approximately 250 members of staff based in each zone, the quick turn-around, replacing the old systems and fitting brand new Panasonic equipment, meant staff were able to move straight back into the refurbished offices immediately on completion.  

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